Neverwinter Nights

Apparently there's an enhanced version. I'll see how much it costs after I finish shitting. I have the non enhanced one. Don't ask me where it is.

I never really explored the online part. Apparently humans play characters. And apparently you have to play a lot to keep up with the story.

I'd probably only play it offline. I do wonder why that game was for Linux a long ass time ago. There wasn't many native Linux games then.

It's only $4 currently. So, I'll probably buy it. Might not play it, but it's only $4 down the toilet. If I buy enough $4 games, I might be able to fill my games drive up.

It's downloading.

Why doesn't it take up my whole monitor? And why do I need a key to go online? Where's my CD key? Wasn't going to play online, just wanted to see if other people are.

It takes up the whole monitor, just not the menu.

To edit the game, you have to kill it, go into text mode, and type killall -9 nwmain-linux. Alt tabbing doesn't work, it's semi frozen.

Got out of the building. It's a pain in the ass, compared to Skyrim and other games. You have to either click somewhere for them to move, or hold the mouse button down, and hope you don't run into invisible walls.