No more Goldleaf for me

It keeps corrupting my emuMMC. Had to restore a backup yet again, at least newer then the previous backup.

Using Fluffy and the Tinfoil on the same link. Maybe NS-USBloader has issues, it is Java after all. Fluffy is Python.

You can’t use Fluffy with Goldleaf, or whatever Goldleaf I have installed, there’s no way to select a NSP.

And Tinfoil is way faster, getting about 40 MB/s, that’s the most you’ll get from USB 2.0.

Damn, Tinfoil crashes too. Guess you can only install once. Maybe, reinstalling the firmware in the emuMMC will help. Or installing a newer version. Nice, I still have the firmware files. No need to look on the internet for it.

Just got to let the Switch charge a little bit. Downloading a newer firmware, in case I decide to upgrade it.