Octopuses are smarter then humans

They can edit their RNA. Probably not from this planet. They have 50,000 DNA strands or whatever they said it's called. Humans have around 20,000, I think 25,000.

90% of the ocean hasn't been explored. People have already proved life can exist farther down then we originally thought.

I like the creature that can regenerate their brain. I knew about that before the newest Ancient Aliens. They also got immortal jellyfish. They can go back to juvenile form. Some of the immortal jellyfish they have haven't died yet. If the temperature isn't right, they can just start over.

If I could edit my DNA and/or RNA, I don't know the difference. I'd give myself a massive cock and balls and maybe tits. Maybe a vagina too. I won't cure anything just use it for the most productive purpose.

They found a meteorite with a crystal that had liquid water in it. More evidence of the theory, that life came from elsewhere. Didn't just magically happen on Earth.

I need to become friends with an octopus, so they can hide me when the other octopuses take over. All they have to do, is give themselves super intelligence, if they don't already have it. Oh and maybe the ability to breathe out of water.

Did you know the land is only 1% of life supporting places on Earth? 99% is the ocean. Sea creatures can travel space better then us. I don't like space travel or water travel. Or airplane travel. I prefer to stay on the land.

Anyone know why the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter costs more from Apple then Amazon? Guess I'll order it on Monday from Amazon.