The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

That might be better then Neverwinter Nights. OpenMW is for Linux, I got The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind for free, they were giving it away for free.

Don’t remember if it’s like Skyrim, that is you use WASD to move. The graphics are dated. I need an enhance mod for it.

Am I supposed to know what Graphic Herbalism is?

Now works with OpenMW! MWSE Graphic Herbalism harnesses the power of lua and mesh switchnodes, allowing this mod to be run without an esp or standard scripts. This dramatically optimizes performance compared to older graphic herbalism mods. It also comes with an mod configuration menu to allow you to change settings.

Under About this mod, that still doesn’t tell me what it is. Something to do with lua and mesh switchnodes. Don’t ask me what mesh switchnodes is.

What benefit does that have?

Something to do with plants, good job with their About this mod. I looked for mods for that game, never found any. Must be blind, cause there’s a bunch on

Where’s the graphic ones that work with OpenMW? Go to their Wiki, lists which ones work or known to work.

Found a graphic enhancer mod that should work. Looks fine, not sure it’s using the textures I downloaded though. Downloading a different texture mod. The textures might of done something, deleted the folder, and it might look worse. Yup, it makes it look better, not sure what the difference between the one I just downloaded is, the file size is bigger.

Haha, 7z has better compression, the folder sizes are the same.

And OpenMW is apparently working on Oblivion and Fallout support. Fallout 3 and NV. I love Fallout NV, that’s my favorite Fallout game. I could play it with Proton. But I hate Windows exe files. Maybe Skyrim too. That’s a good game, but I played so much, it’s now boring. Also, I probably need to start over. I have no idea what to do.

Will they get The Elder Scrolls Online working with OpenMW? Might get banned, but it’s worth the risk. Except, that game is to hard.

Runny dump and no lactose

Might be the drink mix. Bummer if it is, I just bought two more boxes of it today.

Maybe it’s everything. I could go to the doctor, but they won’t put a camera up my butt while I’m awake. I want to feel it when they arecutting growths out of my anus. Except, there might just be shit in my anus. Maybe they’ll take a sample of shit.

You don’t want to be awake when they put a camera up your butt? It’s more fun that way, you can ask the doctor every five seconds “Did you find anything yet?”.

Why do you need sweetened almond milk? Just get the unsweetened with vanilla. Might not exactly go with cereal, but drinking the left over milk is good.

They didn’t have 2% lactose free milk, so I bought almond milk instead. Somehow it’s cheaper. So almond milk it is.

UK shipping would be faster then waiting till August for a 4GB Pi 4

But, I got to buy an expensive adapter for my iPad, and a SSD, and an enclosure.

You can use external drives with the iPad, if you think you can’t, you’ve never heard of iPadOS, it’s currently a beta.

I should install the iOS 13 beta on my phone, to speed it up.

I wonder what she asked me

Didn’t hear her, loud ass music playing. Also, didn’t recognize her.

Does she live here? If so, she probably changed her hair, making it so I wouldn’t recognize her. If that’s the case, that’s happened three times so far.

I’d recognize Tonka if she got groomed.

Losing touch with reality might be great.

Not eating seconds for dinner sucks, you’ll get hungry.

Just think, if I had a gf, she changes her hair, then she comes out of the bathroom and I ask where she is. Then holler her name to try and find her, your neighbors will be confused.

Usually I recognize people after they say something. Seeing, as I don’t even know what she said, I didn’t really hear her voice that well. I just said “what”, and she gave me the look my dad did the last time I saw him.

So, if I go deaf, I won’t know who anybody is.

Neverwinter Nights

Apparently there’s an enhanced version. I’ll see how much it costs after I finish shitting. I have the non enhanced one. Don’t ask me where it is.

I never really explored the online part. Apparently humans play characters. And apparently you have to play a lot to keep up with the story.

I’d probably only play it offline. I do wonder why that game was for Linux a long ass time ago. There wasn’t many native Linux games then.

It’s only $4 currently. So, I’ll probably buy it. Might not play it, but it’s only $4 down the toilet. If I buy enough $4 games, I might be able to fill my games drive up.

It’s downloading.

Why doesn’t it take up my whole monitor? And why do I need a key to go online? Where’s my CD key? Wasn’t going to play online, just wanted to see if other people are.

It takes up the whole monitor, just not the menu.

To edit the game, you have to kill it, go into text mode, and type killall -9 nwmain-linux. Alt tabbing doesn’t work, it’s semi frozen.

Got out of the building. It’s a pain in the ass, compared to Skyrim and other games. You have to either click somewhere for them to move, or hold the mouse button down, and hope you don’t run into invisible walls.

Path of Exile isn’t for Linux?

I thought on Steam it said it was, yesterday. Looks like they updated the game, and now it only works in Windows.

Maybe Steam gave wrong info. Or I was dreaming.

You can get a sticker that says “I eat ass” and put it on the back of your truck

Some show she was watching, showed a picture of the back of a truck with that on it. I’m guessing nobody kisses them, as their mouth tastes like ass.

It was Saturday Night Live or something.

I wonder if a dude or a woman drives that truck. Either way, I wouldn’t recommend kissing them.

Is it illegal to put that sticker on random parked cars? Then you’ll make the news, “eating ass bandit”.

Why are people concerned about me?

Did I do something I’m not aware of? Or do they read one of my blogs? In that case, did I post something I’m not aware of? Maybe.