Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Google says that’s for Linux. I might have that on the PS4.

Is there a way to make it so Steam doesn’t put itself above other Windows while opening? Yeah, uninstall it. Where can I buy games for Linux that isn’t on Steam? I don’t leave it running, because my monitor won’t turn off with Steam running. It goes black, but not off.

Looks like the game I have on the PS4.

The Witcher 3 is a good game, but you have to use Proton.

The original Fallout was turn based? Wasteland 2 might be fun, sucks it isn’t like the newer games, not turned based. It’s only $15, and works in Linux. And it came out in 2014. No new games for Linux? Apparently not.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire that’s from 2018.

Path of Exile there you go, it’s free. You can’t pay to win. Can I pay to go nude? Oh wait, that’s what Second Life is for. Is Second Life free? You can make real money in it.

BATTLETECH that came out in 2018? I remember playing a game like that on the original Xbox, online. Don’t know if I’d like a game like that now. It was fun at the time.

Torchlight would be fun, if I didn’t get stuck on a lame ass puzzle, the second one, I beat the first one a long time ago.

The only thing good about me, is I might be attractive

Somebody could say something good about me, but I won’t believe them.

Don’t bother asking God how to be nice to people. They didn’t respond. Maybe that’s something that can’t be taught.

That’s what reincarnation is for. You can be as insane as you want, you’ll just re spawn. Now, if only I could write my new self a note. Then I could tell myself, I was alive in the past, so I know to be even more crazy.

Apple might cease to exist someday

Anti consumer practices probably won’t keep you in business. Developers will eventually leave, then Apple will have to make every app everybody wants. Except, they won’t bother, because everybody will be ditching Apple.

Eventually, there will be faster non iPhones. There is already a phone as fast as a 2016 iPhone 7. It’ll have to be faster then that to get people to buy it. Unless they are using something slower then an iPhone 7.

Will they release a new iPhone SE? Just put a better CPU then my 7 in it, and sell it for the same price I paid for my 7 or less.

Can’t spend a little over $100 on internet

I already own a Comcast modem. So $40 is less then $100, it isn’t less if you do $40 * 12. That’s $480 a year. If I did pay the $100, it’s $12 a month, that’s $144 a year.

I could see how long Comcast will let me use it for free. I have no credit, so bad credit is better. I’ll have credit then.

Octopuses are smarter then humans

They can edit their RNA. Probably not from this planet. They have 50,000 DNA strands or whatever they said it’s called. Humans have around 20,000, I think 25,000.

90% of the ocean hasn’t been explored. People have already proved life can exist farther down then we originally thought.

I like the creature that can regenerate their brain. I knew about that before the newest Ancient Aliens. They also got immortal jellyfish. They can go back to juvenile form. Some of the immortal jellyfish they have haven’t died yet. If the temperature isn’t right, they can just start over.

If I could edit my DNA and/or RNA, I don’t know the difference. I’d give myself a massive cock and balls and maybe tits. Maybe a vagina too. I won’t cure anything just use it for the most productive purpose.

They found a meteorite with a crystal that had liquid water in it. More evidence of the theory, that life came from elsewhere. Didn’t just magically happen on Earth.

I need to become friends with an octopus, so they can hide me when the other octopuses take over. All they have to do, is give themselves super intelligence, if they don’t already have it. Oh and maybe the ability to breathe out of water.

Did you know the land is only 1% of life supporting places on Earth? 99% is the ocean. Sea creatures can travel space better then us. I don’t like space travel or water travel. Or airplane travel. I prefer to stay on the land.

Anyone know why the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter costs more from Apple then Amazon? Guess I’ll order it on Monday from Amazon.

Some people are very stupid

They don’t even search or read how to enter homebrew on the open source CFW. You hold R down when opening a title, or I guess the album if that’s what you want. I thought everybody knew that by now.

My IQ is only 10, so that means their’s is less then 10, which is sad.

Funny how she’s in a hurry to take me home now

Since her ex moved in. She used to get mad at me for wanting to go home to soon.

She’s a hypocrite. Are they going to go out to eat on their divorce anniversary?

If Divinity: Original Sin 2 is turned based, how come there’s no Switch version? You shouldn’t need much GPU power for a turn based game. There’s a PS4 and Xbox One version. But the Switch is the platform I’d want turn based on. Why is there some guy in that video? I want to see the game, not some hard to understand dude.

You basically get to make your own RPG. Sort of. Not my type of game. Can you play it without the Game master shit? So, I can make everybody an Ally? Can I make them all naked?

Says something about pen and paper RPG. I think I’ll not buy it, since I won’t play it anyways, it’ll just sit on my drive forever.

Comcast is lucky I’m lazy

Might not switch my internet on the 1st. Don’t feel like asking them if I’m still under contract.

Also, to lazy to use a Pi to get the internet on my existing network.

There’s one site with the Raspberry Pi 4 4 GB in stock

In stock on okdo.com.

But I think they ship from the UK. Another site might, but I don’t do business with sites that don’t keep orders separate. When I ordered something, I could see somebody else’s order.

It would take 12 days to get here.

Is 1 GB enough? Probably faster then my Pi Zero. That site probably isn’t in the US either, their privacy is in Canada, they don’t tell you on their site where they are located. No idea why not. Might as well buy the 4GB one from the UK.

And why is their site name have Chicago in it? Thought that meant a US site, apparently not. Their blog says they are in Florida now.

Why do they need private whois?

You can get the Atomic Pi with the baby power board, from them directly, it’s in stock. But, you have to 3D print a case. Or look on eBay for one. None on Amazon. None on eBay either.

For $60, you can get the 2GB Pi 4, that includes the power supply and heat sinks, but no case. Is there a reason they don’t sell a case? I don’t want to order from two different sites.

I’ll just enjoy my slow Pi Zero. Maybe someday, the 4 GB one will be in stock in the US, and everything else on the same site.

Got to buy a $30 Lightning to USB adapter anyways. To see if my external SSD works on my iPad with the iPadOS beta.

The new Raspbian does indeed make your Pi faster, edit sources.list, and change stretch to buster. Then run “apt-get update”, and then “apt-get dist-upgrade”. Nice, it killed the Pihole web interface.

The new Raspbian isn’t supported. There we go, got the web interface working, you have to change one thing in /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf. FreeRADIUS is working now too. Needed to copy something else into the sites-enabled folder that I had to create.

I don’t need an Atomic Pi now, the Pi Zero is way faster with the new Raspbian. I might buy a Raspberry Pi 4, it probably flies, the one with 4 GB of RAM.

I’ll wait until the Pi 4 4GB is available from somebody in the US.

Also in stock at vilros.com. Also, added the link to the UK site at the top of this post. I probably won’t buy one any time soon. A new CPU for my desktop would be better, costs way more though.

I can’t see any reason for any women to like me

There’s nothing good about me. I get more insane each year.

Did you know she has a magical bush?

If a woman changes her hair, I won’t recognize her. Two different people did that, only recognized one of them after they said something.

Is that a sign of the thing some people get that they can’t recognize people anymore? Then my anxiety will be high all the time. I’ll think everybody is a stranger. And I’ll be in danger.

Hell, I don’t even know how to be nice to people.