Nothing like waking up depressed

Doesn’t look like it’s going to go completely away, usually it does when I wake up depressed.

I doubt it’s the medicine I ran out of. That’s for anxiety. All it might do is make me hungry. And no, I won’t ask anybody to get it, because I don’t care.

The next medicine I’ll run out of is Zyprexa, have almost a week left. Who knows if I’ll order it. Maybe not, since nobody can pick it up anyways.

I might of made myself depressed, every time I see her, I just remember about being an asshole.

At least if you are depressed, OCD is almost gone. I won’t tell the doctor anything, even if it doesn’t go away, cause I probably won’t go to appointments anymore.

Mac mini’s are expensive too

Starts at $751, and only 128 GB of storage, that’s a rip off. Might as well buy a MacBook.

I’d use it for software that doesn’t work in Linux, like iTunes, and the software for my Logitech remote. Then I won’t need my shitty Windows VM.

Does Mythtv work in macOS? Just need the backend part. There’s an old Mac mini refurbished for $419. I’d rather have a quad core processor though.

Hackintosh is to much work. And you might get banned.

Best Buy has a MacBook Air, for $750, that’s a better deal then a mini for $751. You get newer Thunderbolt on the mini, and it’s the same price $750, at Best Buy. Funny, the discount from Apple is useless. Since it’ll be a server, the mini makes more sense. Lots of Thunderbolt ports, for lots of storage.

Is the RAM soldered on? Probably, therefore it’s a rip off, you have to pay $188 for 16 GB of RAM, if you want to max it out, that’ll be $940. I can get 64 GB of RAM for my desktop for cheaper.

Mac mini (2018) does not have user-installable RAM. You can configure the memory in your Mac mini (2018) when you purchase it. To upgrade the memory in your Mac mini (2018), go to an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider.

For the newest one. Not soldered, just not easy. Search Google. I might be to lazy to do that. You have to remove a bunch of stuff to get access to the RAM. I won’t remember which screws go where either.

Apple hit a home run with the new Mac mini, for their money vault.

A 12 core CPU would be cheaper then a Mac mini, and my desktop already has enough RAM. Not exactly easy to upgrade, the CPU cooler has to be moved to insert or remove one stick. Easier then the new Mac mini. Upgrading the CPU would be a pain though, you have to put it on it’s side.

Technically, the Mac mini is cheaper though, it includes everything, the CPU only will cost $500, I doubt Apple would sell a Mac with a $500 processor for $750.

Nothing like taking a cold shower

I don’t like being dirty. If it was the winter, I wouldn’t take a shower if there wasn’t any hot water.

Fixing the hot water isn’t a priority. Some repair person came out today, and didn’t fix it. Tomorrow somebody is going to “try” and fix the mixing valves.

So maybe by my inspection next week, there will be hot water.

Well, actually, if it’s not fixed tomorrow, I’ll call housing and say I’ve had no hot water since Saturday.


Looks like Apple announced new software today, saw it on DPReview, and then went to Apple’s site.

External Drives
Connect an external hard drive, SD card reader, and, yes, even a USB drive.

Think I remember reading a rumor about that. That’s all I wanted to know. Does that work on the non Pro iPads?

Ha, probably works better for video editing then Linux. Will there be a video editor with blur? So I can blur my junk out when I take a stripping video? I’ll leave my balls not blurred. And I’ll upload it to YouTube, and say my dick was blurred, what’s the problem? You don’t like balls? Then I’ll sue em for discriminating against me for having balls.

And it’s compatible with my iPad, it’s the sixth generation one. What a bargain, it was only $250, my mom paid half or more. iOS works better then Android.

Looks like accessing files on external drives will work in iOS too, so on my phone.

Can you use a USB hub? So you can copy from a SD card to an external drive?

You can use an iPad as a second display for a Mac, without using a third party app. I don’t have a Mac, they use Intel, therefore they cost to much. Even the new Mac Pro will use an Intel CPU. They should of put a Threadripper in it.

If I was rich, I’d buy the new Mac Pro when it comes out, for the massive amount of GPU power. Except, games probably won’t take advantage of all that performance. At least, you can edit 8k video on it.

Nice, it has a hardware accelerated card for video editing. How long till the Mac mini gets it?

Good idea, buy a Mac, the new macOS adds security. You could do the same with Linux, not easily, read only system, so you’d have to separate additional programs from the base system, then make the system read only. How are you supposed to update it? Might as well use Qubes OS, that is probably more secure then the new macOS. You can’t audit macOS’s code.

Will I have enough for a Mac next month? Probably not. And the new OS doesn’t come out till the Fall, whenever that is.

Rage 2

Better to buy the PS4 version, as you can sell it. Steam version isn’t sell-able.

I never beat the first one though, I got stuck. I got past it once, but lost the save. Can’t beat that one part again.

Will the SMACH Z ever ship?

Probably not. I might have enough next month. Well, I might already have enough.

Won’t buy it even if it does ship, because nothing actually exists. It’s all a horrible dream.

Video games are for rookies

You don’t need to think if you watch TV. No thinking of where to go or anything like that.

I should sell all my video games, that I can sell. Not really any point, the money will just collect dust, or maybe shit, depending on where I put it.

You know what’s funny?

I still appear to be alive.

You know what else is funny? Nothing exists, therefore I’m not alive.

Did you know if you go to Antarctica, and dig through the ice, you’ll find more then you bargained for? Just watch the newest Ancient Aliens, which doesn’t actually exist.

Why don’t I have voices in my non existent head? And why don’t I see more non existent stuff?

You know what else is funny? The guy that doesn’t respond to texts, won’t be texting me or calling me, if he texts or calls my old T-Mobile number. Don’t know if he knows my Google Voice number. I’ll probably never find out.

Still the dog’s fault if she overheats

I didn’t make her stay outside, she refused to come inside.

Nothing you say will change my mind.

Anybody want a dog, so it can then be your fault if she won’t come inside and overheats?

You don’t have to talk to anybody to get your Ultra Mobile account number

Call 611, enter 1, then enter 5. The stuff on Google says to call and press 5, that doesn’t work anymore, you have to press 1 first.

Then they send you a text with the number.

I lied and said a competitor was a better deal, I selected that option, guess it is, cause it’s free.

Apparently porting numbers to T-Mobile is free. I didn’t bring my T-Mobile SIM card, so no phone service till I got home.

One bogus text, first unwanted communication on this number. The other was T-Mobile. Says something about a dollar amount, and somebody named “Brian”, with a link, that I didn’t click.

Looked up the number on White Pages, and other people are looking it up in the last thirty days. That’s a red flag, some kind of scam. I deleted the text, should of spun up a VM, and another VM inside that, and went to the address.