Manjaro doesn’t believe in timely kernel updates

There’s a corruption bug in the kernel I have installed. Still no kernel update in the stable Manjaro repo.

The file system corruption bug might not apply to me, but it might for other people. So you either have to manually compile it, switch to a different repo, or boot an old kernel. Doesn’t sound like the stable repo is stable.

Brook X One

Will that let me use my wired Xbox One controller wirelessly? Looks like it, it plugs into the controller by USB, probably micro USB. Is that what my controller uses?

You can turn the PS4 on, with the Brook X, there’s a button on it.

Nope, won’t work, there’s no battery compartment on my controller. You’d need to Jerry rig a cable.

Does it work with the Xbox One Elite controller? That’ll be $200 before tax, that is with the Brook adapter.

Can you remove the battery and use AA batteries?

Works with the Elite controller.

Dogs will make you agitated

They think they need to sniff every inch of the ground. They could go to the bathroom, instead of making me either stand there, or drag them in.

I sure won’t be getting another dog. That is just one reason, there’s lots of reasons.

There’s the revelation

She’s not and never was “interested” in me. She’s just friendly. Non like me.

What happened to Moses? Oh right, he had no mummy, just a skeleton, that took a beating.

Don’t try to force people to only have one God. Religion is like politics, it separates them. There’s nothing United about America.

The runny dump I took when I got home, made me stink.


Don’t think that is who I heard on the radio, the radio just said “Attention”.

Eh, good enough, and only $8 for the ATTENTION ATTENTION album.

Sounds like Nickelback. Doesn’t say on Amazon the genre. It does if you scroll down far enough.

Elle King isn’t it, was a dude singing. Sounds like country music.

Looking for music that triggers my insanity, like the song on the radio.

Found a song called Attention finally. Not rock, that song is Pop. You can dance naked to this song. Just don’t tell certain people that you listen to Pop, they’ll call you gay and other useless words. I listen to all music. Metal isn’t that great, Helloween is fine.

On another note, some people might say the singer is a stud. Does that mean he’s gay? At least he looks better then you.

Probably only needed to buy that one song. That happens every time I buy a stupid album. Waste of 9 dollars, it was only a good song once.

But if listening to a specific genre makes you gay, I should listen to some country music. Except, that’s more boring then this. Metal and country aren’t my favorite. Unless it’s Weird Al. But Weird Al is boring now too. Maybe all music is.

I think he was stoned when writing and singing this song, LA Girls.

It’s a good thing I’m not a singer, I’d be insane while writing and singing it. It would make zero sense to a sane person.

There’s a picture that goes with the Attention song. I had to put the camera in my bedroom, 40mm sucks for topless pictures. In a small apartment. Might of got my body in the frame, if I used my 12-32mm.

If I ever come out of my shell, and get a gf, I’ll send her that picture.

That picture would make Trump proud.

You need a powerful flash if the camera is that far away. To far away, and I’d need a new flash.

Only took three shots to get that, one was a test shot, was trying to figure out how to do a timer in the slow ass app, the WiFi is slow, slower then my old camera was, maybe iOS is slower. Second the flash was to powerful.

Look up psychopath

It’s not a real thing. Just what law enforcement calls some people in their imaginary prisons.

There’s no reliable way to diagnose it. Therefore, it’s just what law enforcement labels some people. And people insult each other with.

Insulting others, makes people feel good about themselves.

Speaking of, this blog doesn’t exist, neither do I.

$40 is to much for a $100+ old wired Xbox One controller?

It’s not a regular controller. It’s a Pro controller.

That means, I don’t need to buy a $200 controller. The stupid replacement plan costs $40. That’s over $240 after the nice tax, almost $220 after tax without the replacement plan.

That’s the problem with trying to sell it to people that know nothing, and don’t even look up the controller. It costs over $100 used on eBay. Don’t think anybody is buying it though.

I lied, there’s one for $75, still more then $40.

And I still lied, the used ones are under $100. A new one is $150, an open box is $110.

If XScreenSaver crashes, you don’t need to enter a password

Nice feature. I clicked esc two times, and it apparently crashed, was trying to get it to show the login prompt on my monitor, was probably on the TV, which isn’t on 24/7.

So I guess you need a script that runs constantly, and checks if XScreenSaver is running, just put a while loop that never ends. Unless you kill the script. To lazy to do that, and don’t care.

Just clicked esc a bunch of times, didn’t crash it.

Linksys is still in business?

I wouldn’t buy anything from them, I had a wireless ethernet adapter, and I updated the firmware, which killed it. That was before game consoles had built in WiFi.

Was looking to see if they have a ethernet switch on Best Buy’s site, probably not with VLAN support. There’s a cheaper and not shit brand on Amazon.


How does that work? Do you put your soles together? Mate your soles?