How much is the extended warranty from Best Buy? That soundbar is only $150, $50 off.

I'd rather have that then a Vizio.

It's $20 for two years, or $25 for four years.

I don't want to buy another soundbar or soundbase if it dies. My ZVOX is old that I use with my computer. So I have no idea why the Fluance didn't last, I paid like $250 for it too. Probably still under warranty, but a review says you pay to ship it to them, that might cost $100. I'd rather pay another $50 and buy something else.

Oh and the Polk has bluetooth, I wonder if it's like the bluetooth on the Fluance, I have to turn it off, unplug for thirty seconds, then plug it back in, to get the bluetooth to work. I never bothered using the bluetooth, as that's to much work.

I originally bought a ZVOX, but cancelled, for some reason they still shipped it, she told them to send it back, the package place. That would of been a better buy, even though it cost more.

I'll never buy anything from Fluance again. Paying $100 to ship it back is a rip off. They could just make stuff that lasts.

I'll probably unplug the HDMI extender from the TV, I want to use HDMI Arc, which uses one specific port on the TV. Says it's like plugging directly into it. Does that mean you don't need optical? If you do, then it's pointless.

I might just use optical, I have a universal remote, so I don't see the point in controlling the volume from the TV.

Isn't the whole point of HDMI Arc so you don't have to plug optical into the soundbar? You might need optical if you use the Roku or whatever interface on your TV. My TV supports sending Dolby audio by optical, so it probably doesn't matter how I connect it. My shitty $250 doesn't do Dolby audio, a $150 or $200 Sony receiver I had, I think did it. I wonder if she still has that. No HDMI ports, just use optical. There's four speakers over there, just need a center, and a subwoofer.

Except, then I'll have speaker wire going all over the place. The reason I'd rather have a soundbar.