Runny dump and no lactose

Might be the drink mix. Bummer if it is, I just bought two more boxes of it today.

Maybe it's everything. I could go to the doctor, but they won't put a camera up my butt while I'm awake. I want to feel it when they arecutting growths out of my anus. Except, there might just be shit in my anus. Maybe they'll take a sample of shit.

You don't want to be awake when they put a camera up your butt? It's more fun that way, you can ask the doctor every five seconds "Did you find anything yet?".

Why do you need sweetened almond milk? Just get the unsweetened with vanilla. Might not exactly go with cereal, but drinking the left over milk is good.

They didn't have 2% lactose free milk, so I bought almond milk instead. Somehow it's cheaper. So almond milk it is.