The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

That might be better then Neverwinter Nights. OpenMW is for Linux, I got The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind for free, they were giving it away for free.

Don't remember if it's like Skyrim, that is you use WASD to move. The graphics are dated. I need an enhance mod for it.

Am I supposed to know what Graphic Herbalism is?

Now works with OpenMW! MWSE Graphic Herbalism harnesses the power of lua and mesh switchnodes, allowing this mod to be run without an esp or standard scripts. This dramatically optimizes performance compared to older graphic herbalism mods. It also comes with an mod configuration menu to allow you to change settings.

Under About this mod, that still doesn't tell me what it is. Something to do with lua and mesh switchnodes. Don't ask me what mesh switchnodes is.

What benefit does that have?

Something to do with plants, good job with their About this mod. I looked for mods for that game, never found any. Must be blind, cause there's a bunch on

Where's the graphic ones that work with OpenMW? Go to their Wiki, lists which ones work or known to work.

Found a graphic enhancer mod that should work. Looks fine, not sure it's using the textures I downloaded though. Downloading a different texture mod. The textures might of done something, deleted the folder, and it might look worse. Yup, it makes it look better, not sure what the difference between the one I just downloaded is, the file size is bigger.

Haha, 7z has better compression, the folder sizes are the same.

And OpenMW is apparently working on Oblivion and Fallout support. Fallout 3 and NV. I love Fallout NV, that's my favorite Fallout game. I could play it with Proton. But I hate Windows exe files. Maybe Skyrim too. That's a good game, but I played so much, it's now boring. Also, I probably need to start over. I have no idea what to do.

Will they get The Elder Scrolls Online working with OpenMW? Might get banned, but it's worth the risk. Except, that game is to hard.