Easy to die in Elex

Some creatures killed me. They do a shitload of damage. Lucky for me, it just auto saved shortly before I died.

Can you join all the factions? If not, I'll probably join the outlaws, if I ever find em. You can't use tech around the first ones you meet. Outlaws shouldn't care. Can you rob people in the outlaw camp? Outlaw means no laws right?

Mutants will kill you too. Maybe not if you jetpack over them.

All I had to do, was ask the guy about the Clerics, and then I can ask for his help. Might be able to progress more in the story now, without dying constantly.

Only one suspect left. For the murder of some guy. I died on the way to one of them. I had to find a different way, and that was with the guy that's supposed to be helping me. If the creature does to much damage, then I'll end up dying. I'd need money to buy better armor and weapons, and I'd need to increase my strength and stuff to get some stuff.