How does AMD plan on selling new CPUs after Ryzen 3rd gen?

I don't need a 12k single core score. Mine is almost 6k, and it only cost $200 before tax.

Should probably upgrade my GPU. That's probably my bottleneck now. I like lower settings though. It's cheaper.

Got to buy parts for another computer. Might be a unused computer. Sister probably doesn't want it anymore. I said she could "just have it", which means free. She didn't respond to that text, so I'll keep the computer, and probably do nothing with it. Maybe put macOS on it.

A new AMD GPU would cost at least $350, and they only have one fan, so probably hot as fuck. And, I'd need a non stable kernel, that has support for it. No 5.3 RC kernel in the Manjaro repo, at least not the stable one. Does the RC kernel have support for the new GPUs?

I won't buy NVIDIA, you have to use a closed source driver. Unless you like freezing, and games not working.

Lots of Intel fanboy lovers, on the Linux forum. They act like Intel is the only x86 CPU maker. Why did Intel lower their prices? If AMD didn't exist, their prices would start at 1k.