I can join the Berserkers in ELEX finally

It’ll be a while before I can join the Outlaws, need to level up, to be able to do the mission.

Can you join all three of the factions? I killed some Albs, which was the last thing I needed to do, to join the Berserkers. According to the Steam forum, a Berserker shot him down.

So I can join the Berserkers, and use high tech weapons. If they can shoot me down, then I can use that type of weapon too. Otherwise, the game is a hypocrite.

You have to go to the Valley of The Dead, or whatever it’s called, to kill the Albs. Lots of exiles you have to kill too, I used a sphere gun, it worked great.

I’ve played the game for 33 hours. The save file isn’t that long, probably because I died, and had to load an auto save, so my main save file isn’t 33 hours.

Still only level 14.

Nope, you can only join one faction. Might get attacked going into other faction places. Sounds like fun. Can you use magic to heal yourself?

I joined them. More like Skyrim, if you be a Berserker.

Just need to get to level 25, and I can get promoted again. You can do a shitload of damage with the poison fist. I have the fire one too now. I’ll probably get the ice one once I level up. I need to do the quest with the bomb, might be able to destroy it with fire. Destroy the drone that attaches to it, I almost did, then the bomb thing killed me.

Can you become a Warlord?

Oh, and you can’t join the Clerics after joining a different faction. I asked the guy if I could, he said no.