I didn’t even get an option to join the Outlaws

Probably because I killed somebody, so some couple could be together. No payment either. I didn’t actually solve the scrap problem, I lied.

I should of tried the combat option, not sure my combat is four though.

The guy at the store didn’t think I was 21 or older

She bought wine, and the store guy didn’t want me to hold the bag.

Didn’t know I looked under 21 with my face shaved.

I’ll be thirty next year, but I probably won’t live long enough.

It’s a theory

We know nothing about what dogs think. You’d need to read their mind to know for sure.

So saying, they have no sense or place, or whatever she said, doesn’t mean anything to me.

And also, dogs should be treated just like all other life, like humans. Or better, that’s what I do, dogs are superior to people.

Once you can read a dogs mind, then tell me that.

Just like Aliens existing is currently a theory, except it’s dead obvious they exist. For some reason people don’t want other intelligent life to exist.

Maybe someday, they’ll hack every screen, and tell everybody they exist. The US government won’t tell their people what they know.

You can’t kill William in ELEX

I tried, all it did was stun him. Didn’t bother trying to kill Logan The Duke either. I just loaded the auto save, to undo that action. He wanted 50 shards. Apparently if you don’t kill them, it’s cheap.

V-Color makes cheap RAM

Under $60, for 16 GB 3000MHz on Amazon. Even if the price goes up by next month, it’ll still be cheap, like $64.

Says it works with Ryzen, but isn’t on the ASRock motherboard qualified RAM list. Most of the ones I looked for, aren’t on Amazon.

They may of been around for 15 years in Taiwan, according to a review. I’ll probably be cheap and buy it next month. Doesn’t work, send it back, get a replacement, and hope that works.

The current price before tax is $290.13. If only, cheaper PSUs weren’t crap. That’s with only one extra fan, the case comes with one. Not sure she needs two of them in the front, or me, whoever will get the computer. If it’s me, I don’t need two fans in the front. I’ll just put a shitty GPU in it.

Also, depending on how long the GPU is, one fan might not fit in the front. I think it can have three fans. The best spot would be wherever the GPU is, so it can blow air on it.

Nice, the faster stuff is sold out, and Amazon doesn’t know when or if it’ll be back in stock.

I do like the name though, Skywanker.

Don’t set sharpening to 66 on a TCL TV

Some settings I changed it to, a while ago, said to put it on 66. Well, if you watch F is For Family, on Netflix, certain scenes will be flashing, like the wall. I first tried turning the backlight down, then the brightness, got to sharpening, and setting it to 30 or 20, got rid of the flashing.

Didn’t notice that on South Park, on Philo. Even pausing the show, it was still flashing. The walls were flashing, like a flickering light. I don’t think the show is supposed to be like that, considering decreasing a setting got rid of it.

She either doesn’t listen to everything I say, or is beyond stupid

I didn’t say I was crying anymore. I was asking, if she knew you’d stop crying after doing it for three or four days. She ignored the stop part.

Says “What do you want me to say?”, then says “What are you trying to tell me?”, oh and getting all pissed off. No idea why that would make anybody pissed off.

She’d be better of saying nothing. I think that’s what I’ll do from now on. If she gets mad at me for not talking to her, she should be mad at herself, for getting pissed off no matter what I say or do.

What level do you need to be to kill Duke in ELEX?

In The Fort?

Need to get a conductor, for the airship or whatever they call it, but I can’t even make it to the mech. Need to level up.

How much XP to you get for killing Logan? That’s the Duke’s actual name.

The outlaws are dicks, so I’ll get rid of them. Maybe. Probably need to level up more. He has guards and crap. He might only get stunned if you try to kill him.

Will I owe William money for killing Logan? Just kill William too.

She asked why a new computer only costs $400 or $500

The computer I’ll be assembling, will cost me $300 or so, some used parts.

Also, the CPU cost over $300 when I bought it. Doubt they sell computers for $400 or $500, with a $300+ CPU. Do they even have a SSD? Maybe now they do. Probably not a NVMe SSD, or one or the other.

I don’t buy pre assembled computers, they are usually shit. You can’t even replace the PSU in some of them, think my grandpa had that problem with a Sony desktop. He switched to a Mac, he hates Windows. But Macs are less serviceable then PCs usually. The only pre assembled computers I buy, are Macs, or laptops. Good luck assembling your own laptop.

Good idea, put macOS on the $300 computer. You can put it on AMD computers. You just need the kernel patching crap for the bootloader. I won’t give it away or sell it with macOS on it though, I don’t want to fix it. Fixing Linux is easier.

Charging $400 for a computer with three used parts, will get you a better game capable computer most likely. The keyword is most likely, I don’t look at prices of desktops. Just the individual parts.

I’d rather have a pre AM4 CPU, then a pre assembled computer. Might be slow, but not shit. The one I sold my mom, is still working.

That reminds me, some guy I knew, said he got a computer that is laptop board in a slim case. Why laptop? They make mini ITX boards. It’s a pre assembled turd. He should of bought a laptop, it would of made more sense. Funny, that guy hasn’t tried talking to me, after changing my phone number. I won’t be tempted to text him, if he doesn’t know my number anymore.

No idea why he took me out to breakfast. He doesn’t even want to talk to me.