Good diet

I lost another 1.1 pounds. Don’t really eat breakfast, or lunch, I just eat one or two bagels when I wake up.

Probably lost weight from not eating seconds at dinner.

The only downside is, you might get hungry. But if you are doing something, you can delay it, I eat something before bed anyways. That’s how I fall a sleep.

Did you know?

Some guy at my high school, said to a girl she should grope me. She had a bf at the time, so didn’t do so.

I saw her years ago, didn’t recognize her, so I ran away. She said she needed to talk to me.

Linux ACO

Might make ELEX run better. I’ll compile it later. I also need to compile the newest Chromium VAAPI, that’ll take hours. How long to compile ACO?

See here and here.

Does it fix Fallout 76 in Proton? Probably not.

And not worth compiling. Either you need mesa-git, or to find the package that provides the missing file. I’m sure Mesa takes as long to compile as chromium-vaapi or longer, and since it’s git, you’ll need to compile again after it’s done, as there will be changes.

Promising benchmarks? 1 FPS or so better, isn’t promising. Does it get rid of stuttering? That’s all I care about.

Looks like there’s a closed bug report for the problem I had. Should be fixed, deleted the mesa-aco folder. Probably shouldn’t build two things at the same time though. That’s 12 threads, both are using 6, that might cause one to get a seg fault.

It’s compressing the package now.

Wait a second, that replaces Mesa?

Do I have to reboot? Cause it’s still compiling chromium-vaapi.

You’ll be able to find it here. It’ll work in Manjaro stable, the 32bit one is still compiling. But the 64bit one is there. 32bit one is there now too.

May or may not of helped with stutter. Might of made the camera weird though. And depending on where you click L, you can’t see some of the screen, there’s something black covering it up. Oh and when talking to somebody, it showed the back of somebody or something, you couldn’t see the talking.

I could move to a hole

That’s where they found Trump’s brother, in a hole, in the Middle East. He was on the run from the Americans.

Just think, if Trump was the president sooner, we wouldn’t of went to war. And his brother would still be alive.

You know what’s funny?

Governments pay money to get into space, but not to explore our own ocean.

They probably know what’s down there. That’s why Russia made an underwater nuke, not to hit us, whatever is in the ocean.

Space travel might be so we can escape whatever is in the ocean.

If they publicly spend money to explore the ocean, then the public will find out what they know.

Also, you can’t prove or disprove this post, you’ll need to explore the ocean to find out, 99% hasn’t been explored, have fun.

Let it go?

I don’t do that, just ask the guy that called me a faggot over and over again. I should of saved everything he ever sent me. Then make a small script, to count the number of times he called me a faggot.

Also, if I do something, to cause somebody else to do something, then I really won’t let it go.

In other words, the beast will be eating my heart, and I’ll cease to exist.

That is 100% false

That porn is as addicting as heroin.

Don’t know the details about how addicting heroin is. But porn isn’t addicting, maybe if you are a young teenager, but not as an adult, only when you first view it. Once you see enough, you can easily go days and longer without it.

Just play ELEX, you’ll forget you have a sex drive. Or maybe it gets rid of your sex drive somehow. Tell a heroin addict to play ELEX, and guess what, they’ll still be addicted. So shove your false information up your asshole.

That’s what a counselor said. He also said your sexuality doesn’t change, then years later changed his mind on that. So don’t believe anything he says, his mind is all over the place. Well, he’s not a counselor anymore, he retired.

Porn sounds like a good idea. The only way to get people to stop looking at porn, is by getting rid of their sex drive.

The worst thing about upgrading my CPU

Got to unplug everything from it. I do have a table I can do the surgery on. I have a shitload of stuff plugged into it.

Isn’t AM4 only supported till next year? That means this will be the last new CPU I can get.

I managed to skip the second gen ones. It was bought in March of whenever the first gen came out. It was bought in 2017. Not even three years old. So I should probably keep it for another three years.

But I can assemble another computer if I have a spare CPU. Don’t really need another one. I could use it for Pihole and retire my Raspberry Pi Zero that uses less power.

Is my phone supposed to heat up? Apparently using it with the battery under 50% makes it hot. Taking a dump btw.

The WordPress app must be CPU intensive.