I need to sell my camera and lenses

I don’t know any ladies to take nude pictures with. So what’s the point in a camera? You aren’t contributing to the high sex drive cause, if you don’t take nude photos and put it online.

There’s a place you can take a nap, and wake up 20 years later

I think they said they were a British Colonist. You can also, get nosebleeds, feel sick to your stomach, pass out.

I need a drone that’ll follow me, so I can go there. Then there will be proof of something happening or not happening there.

The Druids came here before Columbus too. That guy didn’t accomplish anything.

Buggers come out of four things

Eyes, nose, ears, anus.

If you have a dick, and you don’t clean it, and you aren’t circumcised, it can make buggers too. Or cheese, whatever you want to call it.

Destroyed the Big Bang

In ELEX. It’s easy if you are level 17. Except, now they want me to kill the guy that made it. That might hurt the relationship with the Clerics, that is the Berserkers.

I used the fire fist, and a bow.

The mana is like health, you need potions or sleep to refill it. Other games, it slowly restores itself.

And, I just got my own living area in the game. Go to the center camp, do the stuff they want, then you get a key. Guess, you don’t actually have to finish the mission for the mechanic. Good thing, I almost died on the way there. Or actually, I might of died, it auto saved, so I was right in the fight after it loaded the save. I got a trader in the camp, by donating 1000 shards. I need 2000 shards to get a workbench. Should probably get some furniture too, that’ll be 2000 or 3000 shards.

How the fuck are you supposed to get money in this game? I’m always low on money, don’t have ten grand. I keep most of the herbs I get. There’s probably some I’ll never use. Don’t know which. I need a small mana potion instructions. I don’t want to buy mana potions, that’s expensive.

I can kill Albs now, with a upgraded bow. But there’s to many in the Domed City, I killed a bunch, but kept dying, so went back to the camp. The person with me, is kind of useless, she keeps getting stunned.

Oh, and at the new camp, you can take anything you want, the center camp or whatever, I sold a bunch of stuff to the trader I got. Got a workbench, now I just need 3000 shards to get furniture. I have around 2000, probably from killing Albs. Mana doesn’t regenerate, so I can easily kill them, I have to use a bow, take a lot of damage, ran out of health potions.

I did level up though, almost level 20.

The new Fire Stick 4k can control TVs and soundbars

It can power it on, and control volume. Works with Vizio TVs and soundbars.

It’s only useful, if you only use the Fire Stick on your TV. Don’t think it can change inputs on the TV or soundbar.

My fancy universal remote works better for me.

Her TV also has a audio delay setting. Think it’s a dumb Vizio TV. No idea, why Roku can’t add it to their OS, for Roku TVs.

She said she couldn’t find the other Fire Stick, it was plugged into the TV down there, at least it said Amazon on it.

She should of bought two, they were on sale. Use it for the TV upstairs too. Then she’d only need one remote. She seems to have issues with the universal remote, and it’s semi broken, you can’t tell it not to show the hints or something. Turning it off, and it resets that setting.

She didn’t go to my sister’s baby shower

The female that rejected my friend request. She also made it so I couldn’t send another request. That doesn’t mean I would of. That’s her telling me to fuck off.

I was the only adult male there.

Tonka wanted to come home with me. She might spend the day tomorrow over here.

Taking a dump btw.

That’s probably why she didn’t go, she didn’t want to see me.

ELEX gets way better, once you join a faction

If you like Skyrim, join the Berserkers. Getting promoted is easy enough.

Except for the third one, you need to be level 25. I’m only level 17, and I already did all the tasks.

I’m not buying anymore armor, until I get the third promotion. The armor is expensive. Depending on what rank you are.

I did get a flamethrower from a dead Reaver. I should sell it, but it might come in handy. Maybe I can take out the Albs at the Dome City with it.

I can improve weapons now, but it’s useless, I need more attributes for stuff, to be able to use it, if I do that. And it takes two points now, to increase attributes. Once it’s over 30, it takes 2. I could make the potion that gives you two. Your cold will do something if you do that, can’t remember if it increases or decreases. Seeing, as I don’t even know what the cold is. Mine is neutral, whatever that means.

Why did they send me a ballot?

They didn’t get the memo? I’m not voting for anything. Politics will be the extinction of humanity. I don’t want to be part of that anymore.

Thermaltake Core V21

The price on that case increased on Amazon, so did the micro ATX motherboard.

Cooler Master might have a cheaper cube. Or not, at least on Amazon, they have mini ITX, that won’t work. Not paying $130 for a mini ITX motherboard.

I don’t care if she wants the computer. I got to do something to keep my mind off the dog. I’ll just have an extra computer.

Antec has a slightly cheaper one, it’s smaller, and probably needs a smaller PSU. Good luck fitting my RX 470 inside that. The cooler probably won’t fit either.

I like the BitFenix case, but it’s mini ITX, and over $80. Do they make a micro ATX one?

Costs more. How much will the Thermaltake cost next month? Should buy it as soon as the price goes down.