She asked why a new computer only costs $400 or $500

The computer I'll be assembling, will cost me $300 or so, some used parts.

Also, the CPU cost over $300 when I bought it. Doubt they sell computers for $400 or $500, with a $300+ CPU. Do they even have a SSD? Maybe now they do. Probably not a NVMe SSD, or one or the other.

I don't buy pre assembled computers, they are usually shit. You can't even replace the PSU in some of them, think my grandpa had that problem with a Sony desktop. He switched to a Mac, he hates Windows. But Macs are less serviceable then PCs usually. The only pre assembled computers I buy, are Macs, or laptops. Good luck assembling your own laptop.

Good idea, put macOS on the $300 computer. You can put it on AMD computers. You just need the kernel patching crap for the bootloader. I won't give it away or sell it with macOS on it though, I don't want to fix it. Fixing Linux is easier.

Charging $400 for a computer with three used parts, will get you a better game capable computer most likely. The keyword is most likely, I don't look at prices of desktops. Just the individual parts.

I'd rather have a pre AM4 CPU, then a pre assembled computer. Might be slow, but not shit. The one I sold my mom, is still working.

That reminds me, some guy I knew, said he got a computer that is laptop board in a slim case. Why laptop? They make mini ITX boards. It's a pre assembled turd. He should of bought a laptop, it would of made more sense. Funny, that guy hasn't tried talking to me, after changing my phone number. I won't be tempted to text him, if he doesn't know my number anymore.

No idea why he took me out to breakfast. He doesn't even want to talk to me.