Spider-Man for the PS4 is supposed to be a good game

Apparently it outsold a Batman game, that was on multiple platforms, Spider-Man is PS4 only.

Maybe I’ll buy it someday. Probably not, as I haven’t turned the PS4 on for some time. I tried playing Red Dead Redemption 2 on it, that game is boring as fuck. Also, super slow, in the camp. I don’t want to slowly walk five feet in a game. How much is it worth? Amazon might give me money. Oh wait, might be digital, in that case, it’s 100% useless.

Looks like around $17. Assuming it’s not the digital version. Damn, it’s the digital version, no case where my game cases are for it.

Almost $13 for GTA, that game blows ass too. Saints Row is better.

Battlefield V might be fun, if you have PS Plus. I won’t be paying for PS Plus for one game. I won’t buy the PC version, I doubt it works in Linux using Wine/Proton/Whatever. Should probably go to bed, nothing to do.

Single player RPG games are better. Better then Battlefield V.