There is a limit number of times you can re-activate. If you reach that limit, you won't be able to activate Windows 10.

That's why I can't activate Windows in VirtualBox. So, I paid almost $200 for the retail copy, and I can't activate it as many times as I want? Let's see if it'll let me activate it in QEMU, it was before.

It'll only work, if it lets you activate on something that had it. If the limit applies to that, good luck.

Make sure, you install the Virtio drivers in VirtualBox, before trying to boot it in QEMU. Now, VirtualBox won't run Windows 10, access denied. QEMU isn't running, stopped libvirtd, still access denied. Probably have to reboot, not worth it.

I'm still in the disk group, fdisk -l shows all other drives, except that one.

sudo chown root:disk /dev/sde

Fixed it without rebooting.

There's no setup file, to much work then. Change the disk mode in QEMU to something it has, and then install it for the no driver SCSI controller. Maybe some other day.