They found something in Tonka

Some kind of cancer, but only in one spot they looked. They want to do a bigger biopsy. How much to remove it? Except, last time she got surgery, it took her a year to recover, she might not live a year. Especially if the cancer is somewhere they didn’t look.

They didn’t really know what it is, they’d need a bigger biopsy.

For the past two days, she followed me when leaving, wondering if she gets to go home yet. She might knock something on herself, or get stuck, if I take her home.

Also, need to wait for her to get used to the new medicine, it can take a week or longer. She’s having trouble walking now, most likely the new medicine. The Trazodone did the same thing, except that’s all it did, she wouldn’t sleep when taking it. She’d try standing up on my bed, and fall down.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to take her home. If we know when we have to put her down, I’ll take her home for the night before that day. So she can sleep on my bed if she wants. I don’t care if I don’t get any sleep. I just want her last memory to be with me here. She likes it here, so that would be a good memory.