Tonka slept on my bed for almost three hours

She’s on her dog bed in the living room right now. She might need to go outside. She got her bone, she usually gets a toy or something she likes, when she thinks we are going outside.

She almost chewed on the bone. That’s why we got it, to hopefully distract her from whatever is bothering her.

She might of came out here to cool down too. Bedroom seems kind of warm, probably because I closed the door.

I almost fell a sleep. Having a big dog by you helps. I had to help her up, and down. She was worried that she couldn’t get down. Article I read, said to let them sleep where they did when they were a puppy, she was on my bed. All three of them, Buddy, Meiko and Tonka, then a cat Oadis, and Chibi sometimes. I suppose I could sleep in the living room. I just need to be in the same room as her.

Don’t want her to get stuck, or knock something over onto herself. More likely to hear the alarm in the living room. Got to get up early, and take her outside. She needs a working schedule, not a different time going to bed every night, and waking up when I feel like it, or she wakes me up.

If you love dogs, you’ll change your sleep schedule for a dog. Had to take her home, she was anxious after I left yesterday.

I think she is in pain, she’s panting a lot. I think after they get her blood work back, they might give us something else for pain too. If she has diabetes, apparently that’ll be expensive.

Lantus Insulin that stuff is $330. I wonder what they’d prescribe. There’s some other stuff for $55. What’s the difference?

Well, I’ll be broke if she has diabetes. I doubt she’ll pay all of the money for it. I’ll be paying for part of it. I don’t even know how long the $330 or $55 one lasts.

That’s better to get from the vet. Also, don’t take your dog to Garland Animal Clinic, if they say your dog has diabetes, they might kill your dog. The better vet loves dogs, in fact, most, if not all of the people that work there, have a dog.

Dementia is the reason I won’t ever get a dog again. Does she have dementia? Acting like it, not acting like herself. But that could be because of pain or something else wrong with her. And she didn’t poop any of the times I took her out. I saw her try to go at my mom’s, but don’t think she did. They didn’t say she was constipated.

You just need one dog to get dementia, and you won’t want another dog. It’s to depressing. She was way happier, not that long ago. She started laying in my room in front of the fan, then she got worse. The other vet can’t be bothered to give proper care. They should turn people away, so they can actually do their job. They were late at the new vet, but not as late as at Garland. Oh, and they told us, it would be a few minutes.