V-Color makes cheap RAM

Under $60, for 16 GB 3000MHz on Amazon. Even if the price goes up by next month, it'll still be cheap, like $64.

Says it works with Ryzen, but isn't on the ASRock motherboard qualified RAM list. Most of the ones I looked for, aren't on Amazon.

They may of been around for 15 years in Taiwan, according to a review. I'll probably be cheap and buy it next month. Doesn't work, send it back, get a replacement, and hope that works.

The current price before tax is $290.13. If only, cheaper PSUs weren't crap. That's with only one extra fan, the case comes with one. Not sure she needs two of them in the front, or me, whoever will get the computer. If it's me, I don't need two fans in the front. I'll just put a shitty GPU in it.

Also, depending on how long the GPU is, one fan might not fit in the front. I think it can have three fans. The best spot would be wherever the GPU is, so it can blow air on it.

Nice, the faster stuff is sold out, and Amazon doesn't know when or if it'll be back in stock.

I do like the name though, Skywanker.