Giant ATX 3 disc

Pictures here. I'm to lazy to share one image, and then copy the smaller image URL.

Got a bike today, she said she'd pay for half, so I'll give her $300, a little more then half.

Bicycle Butler is way better then Wheel Sport. Wheel Sport doesn't ask you where you plan on riding it or anything.

The sales people at Bicycle Butler are knowledgeable about bikes. I wouldn't listen to a sales person for a TV, they know shit about what they are talking about. You'll mostly get Samhung is better then everybody else, or something like that.

We went there yesterday, to see what they have, she told them where I'd mostly be riding, he wasn't there today, some lady helped us. And one of the bikes he suggested, I test rode, not very far, just needed to see how it felt. Feels great, and I can actually peddle. Did the motor on the old bike make it harder to peddle? I was able to peddle up a small hill, not really a hill, only if you are on a bike. Peddling up that on my old bike, was painful. You can actually lose weight with this bike, as it's the best bike I've ever owned.

If peddling is hard, you won't lose weight. You could use the motor on the old bike, but what's the point? Just makes it even more a target for a thief.

This bike cost more then the Haro. When I need a tuneup, I know where I'm taking it, Bicycle Butler.

For some reason, on the bag the instruction manual is in, somebody wrote ATX 2 on it, but I'm pretty sure it's 3, there's a 3 on the bike.

No pain on my wrists or whatever was hurting last time I rode my sold bike. Probably still need gloves, my hands got super sweaty, you might crash with sweaty hands.

No motor will be put on it, I don't know how to do that, and I don't want to spend the money to do so.

Not rebuying the lens I sent back. Don't want to send another one back, if it breaks after barely using it. It's possible they will say I broke it, and therefore no refund. I'll only have two payments for the bike, $150 when I get a refund, and $150 on the 1st.

If it is the same one as the below link, then it's a 2020 model.

More info on the bike on Giant's site.