Nesco® 600-watt Top Mounted Food Dehydrator with Timer FD-79

Set it for 4 hours at a time, next time 8 hours, maybe pat the jerky after 4 hours. The trays don't get that hot, didn't know that. And there wasn't much oil or whatever on the jerky, not till after 4 hours.

That was four hours, already drying out. If you want to check to see if it's done, take jerky out, let it cool down, and then try bending it. There's more info on Google, it should be leathery, and shouldn't break.

It'll be done drying/cooling off at 11 PM. The jerky is stacked on top of each other, with paper towels between each row. Probably should of put something on the top to push down on the top layer.

Tastes fine, not 100% sure it's done, but it's been 8 hours. Article I read said to dry at 145F. But the instructions say 160F, which is what I did.

The food dehydrator my sister has, must be crap for jerky. It cost less, currently $58 or something on Amazon, spend $22 more, and get this one, it's better, and if there's a Bed Bath & Beyond near you, you can buy it at the store.

You can expand it to 12 trays, there's a $100 one on Amazon, same brand, that you can extend to 20 trays. Probably takes a long ass time to dry 20 trays of jerky.

I'd rather have two of the $80 ones extended to 12 trays each. Might be faster then one 20 tray one, and you get two machines, if one dies, you still have one.

Might of needed more seasoning, or let it soak longer. Probably just needed more salt. Tastes very similar to what my mom made in the oven, but maybe not as hard to chew.

Got the Wolfenstein: Youngblood demo installed on my Switch. Installing the update, then the DLC demos. I wonder how shitty it looks on the Switch.

I think you can only buy it at Bed Bath & Beyond, and directly from Nesco®. It costs $100 at Nesco®, you might as well get the expandable to 20 trays one on Amazon for $100.

You can restart it after clicking stop, just click it again. I think if it runs out of time, and you hold the button, it resets it to whatever you ran it at.

No on/off switch or button, best to unplug it when not in use, if somebody bumps the start button somehow, you'll be drying nothing.

There's a cheaper food dehydrator on Amazon, the Hamilton Beach 32100A, it's digital too, currently under $50. Probably takes longer to dry with that one, and you have to wait a day or two to get it. And I didn't want the cheapest one this time, not the most expensive, right in the middle.

I was going to buy the better brand, but I don't think it's really worth it, even the refurbished one.

If this one lasts a while, then it was worth it. Don't buy the $40 one from Bed Bath & Beyond, not digital, and it'll probably die after the second or fourth try, look at the reviews.

You get a nice recipe book with the Nesco®. I used this jerky recipe.

Can't figure out if it's overcooked or not done. Wouldn't make sense for the bottom to be done, but the other trays not done.

I think whoever cut it, screwed up. Seems over dried, the outside is really hard on a lot of it. If you scrape that off, you could probably bend it. Might be crumbling apart on the outside.

I'll get meat somewhere else next time I buy meat, there's more meat in the freezer.

Might get sick if it's not done. I could stick it all in the oven, probably make it even harder.

Here you go. I put two paper towels in a Tupperware with it. I'll save the bag, it'll be on the counter till tomorrow. If the jerky isn't as dry, then I'll put it back in the bag, otherwise, another night with two more paper towels.

Might of been done after four hours. If so, I can cook two batches a day.