You'll never buy beef jerky again

Unless it's homemade. She made some in the oven, using similar spices to this recipe. She cooked it in the oven, I bought a food dehydrator a couple days ago. The $80 one from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Got meat and the spices from that recipe today, the only thing different is my pepper, don't know what the difference is, so I just used the pepper I already have, didn't buy the other pepper. The meat isn't flank steak, almost four pounds of round steak or something, that was cut for Carne Asada, Winco doesn't have a area with meat behind the counter, but they did have round steak cut for Carne Asada. She used the Carne Asada from My Fresh Beaver Basket. It can take 15 hours according to the instructions for the dehydrator.

Took me thirty minutes to prepare the meat, had to cut fat off, and cut some in half. Didn't get all the fat off, the jerky she made, I ate almost all of it in one day. I had a stomach ache. Finished it off in the morning.

I bought some giant zip lock bags. Since it's almost four pounds, I used twice as much of everything. Probably didn't mix it up good enough, in the zip lock bag. I'll know tomorrow, it'll be in the fridge overnight. That article says you only have to leave it in the fridge for thirty minutes. But it's past 9 PM. I don't want to wake up every four hours to check it. The least amount of time is four hours, so I'll set it to four hours each time. Well, maybe not after 8 hours.

It has a timer, but no on/off switch or button. I think it turns off after the time is up, does that mean you have to unplug and plug it back in to get it back on? If you are fast enough, you can reset the timer.

Says to pat the meat while drying too. Don't really need it to last a month, I'll eat it all in a day or two. The meat that doesn't fit on the food dehydrator, will be going in the freezer.

This beef jerky will cost around $33. The meat was $15. I'll get meat somewhere else next time, maybe flank steak, like that article says to use. Flank steak is around $7 a pound at Winco, so four pounds would cost $28. Actually, don't do that, it might taste even better, and you'll be spending more then.

Eggers will probably cut it for you. I'm to cheap to buy a food slicer. I did buy a thing that'll let you slice vegetables, like sweet potatoes, for the dogs. I forgot to buy the sweet potatoes, I was going to dry them, and use it as dog treats. More like she would be using it as dog treats. Unless they taste good, and I eat it all.

If you want good beef jerky, but have no oven or food dehydrator, buy some from Eggers, their pepperoni sticks are good. So, I'm guessing their jerky is too.

Eggers meat is good, but not as good as mine.