That was a waste of fucking time

Going to somebody’s birthday party. Enjoy never seeing or speaking to me.

She has an opinion on everything I do. Yet, she gets super offended and pissed if I have an opinion. She talks to me like she’s superior.

Not the kind of people worth interacting with.

I didn’t eat any of the food she bought. That’s what happens when you treat people the way you do.

She’s a hypocrite.

I should probably block her number, so I don’t get notifications if she tries contacting me.

Finally got my $140 a month Mac mini

Bought it on Amazon, before the price increased to over $700, it was a little under $700 when I bought it. Amazon lets you buy stuff with a five month payment plan, no credit check, and no interest.

Can’t use it yet, it’s reinstalling macOS, I restored my Time Machine backup, which was made with the beta macOS, so now Safari won’t open, it requires 10.15.

Reinstalling shouldn’t delete anything. Hopefully it replaces the incompatible apps.

To restore from a Samba share, you have to click other server, enter “smb://ip/timemachine”, replace “timemachine” with the share name. Then click next, and enter the username and password. That took a long time, and only around 20 GB to copy.

I’ll pay it on the 1st every month, click pay early. You can also pay it off completely. But a $140 a month bill is better. I’ll be done paying in January of next year.

The first payment was around $202, you have to pay the shitty tax on the first payment, that added $50+ to the price.

I hate Windows more then anti consumer Apple. Some programs don’t work in Linux, some of them work in macOS. Yes, I paid $700 or will total, to not have to use Windows.

On another note, macOS is probably slower then Linux. Or Apple throttles their computers.

Don’t believe the Apple fan that claims no PC can get SSDs as fast as Macs. They’ve never heard of NVMe SSDs, the more you pay, the faster one you’ll get.

If my motherboard wasn’t so damn slow at posting, it would boot faster then the Mac mini. And I have a budget NVMe SSD. Didn’t run any benchmark on the Mac yet. Now it’s upgrading to the latest Mojave.

Yup, that Apple fan is a liar, you can buy a NVMe SSD with faster speeds. The write speed blows like my budget NVMe SSD, but the read speed is better then my budget NVMe SSD.

A bigger drive is probably faster, but you can’t pay for it monthly with no credit check or interest from Apple, maybe no interest, but credit check. And their prices are a rip off. I don’t plan on upgrading the RAM anytime soon. Maybe I’ll see if an Apple Authorized place will upgrade it with RAM I buy. I’ll pay them to do it.

Safari is way faster then the old mini. Faster then Chromium on my desktop most likely. The CPU is set to powersave on my desktop, but Chromium isn’t that great. No Safari for Linux, Firefox isn’t faster then Chromium.

Here’s a benchmark, with the new shitty Geekbench 5. Shitty, because scores are less with it. They changed how they calculate it.

Only two Thunderbolt buses, that’s 80 Gbps total. That’s 20 Gbps a piece, there’s four ports.

Can I use both buses for a eGPU? That would double the bandwidth.

That might be a good way to fall a sleep

If I bend over to fill my water bottle up, the filtered water is in fridge on the bottom, I feel light headed, or possibly dizzy. Then I sort of lose my balance while unbending over.

I won’t bother telling the doctor about that at my appointment this week.

Why bother? That’s a nice sleeping aid, if I pass out. Good thing I’m single, she’d just get guardianship over me, and then she can go back with me to the doctor, no matter what I say.

They might send me to a nursing home. I’ll be getting all the ladies… Old ladies. After they are done forcefully giving me drugs.

Or the doctor might read this blog. Then they’ll waste money running a thousand more tests. Why delay my death? Everybody will die eventually. No point in delaying it.

Might have an ear infection, except my ear doesn’t hurt. I probably did have an ear infection, when my ear hurt.

When the nurse asks me why I’m there, I’ll say “Ask somebody who cares”.

Do they have trans women in nursing homes? Well, maybe trans grannies.

That’s what happens when you move out, your health declines rapidly. And if you are like me, you don’t give a shit.

If this site ceases to exist, that means I pissed the bucket, or went insane, and am stuck in a small padded room.

The only bad thing about Greedfall

No freedom to go where you want, like off cliffs, or swimming. I think you can only walk through water, if it’s deeper, you can’t even go in it.

There’s only so many ways to get places, you can’t make your own path. That’s probably how really old RPGs are.

It’s still fun, just a bummer I can’t fall off a cliff. Entertaining story, and the combat is fun.

If you want freedom to go where you want, you’ll want some other game.

The purpose of life

Is to die in a horrible way. Then you cease to exist, so everything you did was meaningless. If you don’t cease to exist, you reincarnate, which isn’t any better. Zero memory of anything, so everything you did was meaningless.

Good luck hijacking my soundbar now

Some ass hat, decided to connect to my soundbar’s Bluetooth while watching TV. Was trying to figure out why there was no sound, turned out it was on the Bluetooth input, I started to hear their shitty music.

Turned BT Lock or whatever it’s called on, put it on the Bluetooth input, and hold the auto power on button down till it blinks a red light.

Says to upgrade the firmware, I didn’t need to do that.

Doesn’t show up by Bluetooth when on the optical input anymore. That should be enabled by default.

The easiest way to find the Bluetooth input, is by connecting to it by Bluetooth, and it’ll switch to it. There is no Bluetooth button on the remote, not even the original one, just optical, and a function button. The function button might switch to every input.

I don’t use the Bluetooth on it, so it won’t be on the Bluetooth input. I only use optical from my TV.

What’s next?

Got a cold, then a lung infection, possibly infected tonsils, and today I woke up with a red eye. Might have pink eye, or some other eye thing I got a long time ago. Eye doesn’t itch though.

If I was crying while sleeping, both eyes would be red most likely.

Still coughing. Doesn’t hurt though. Maybe they’ll put me down at my appointment.

Most anti Apple folks are hypocrites

They claim Macs are slower, and are most likely an Intel fan. The problem is, Macs use Intel CPUs.

The OS is way better then Windows shit. Linux is probably better then macOS and Windows.

There’s no iTunes or any other way to backup iOS devices in Linux. If there is a way, I don’t know of it. I won’t buy an Android phone again, the CPUs in them blow ass. Don’t forget, Google sells everything you do to anybody that’s willing to buy it.

libimobiledevice doesn’t say it supports iOS 13, so that’s useless.

The Linux phone is overpriced, at least the Librem 5, and you can’t buy it with five monthly payments with no interest. Overpriced because making a phone is expensive as fuck, even if you use old tech, so not really overpriced. Wait for the next one, it might have a better CPU.

That’s a good reason to buy a Mac, most of them on Amazon, you can pay for it over five months with zero interest, and zero credit check. None of the AMD Ryzen laptops I saw, you could pay over five months. And then, I’d have to hope Linux works on it, if it didn’t, I’d have to send the hunk of junk back. You can’t buy a System76 laptop over five months with zero interest and zero credit check.

Do they release new Macs every five months? Upgrade right after you pay the old one off.

Some people switched to Linux on a PC, because of Apple’s anti consumer practices. Will they ever change their shitty ways? Probably not. The next mini, should have soldered RAM too.

Some people that use Macs use em for work, so just buy the RAM upgrade from Apple. Various TV shows, show Macs, like Contact.

Mac mini is fast now

I sold it to my mom for $150, basically got the money for the parts I put in it back. Reinstalled the old macOS. The non beta. Before, it seemed slower on the old version.

Probably had to much crap running in the background. But 8 GB of RAM should be plenty for what I had on it. I put Emby on it for her, and that didn’t slow it down either. I didn’t have any media server on it. I did have Malwarebytes on it, not the paid version, so no real time protection. It was running in the background though. I just manually ran scans for paranoia.

The weird thing is, when I rebooted it, and tried opening Emby, it opened something on Twitter. So, it might already be infected. Some school’s Twitter. That might be why it blocked Emby from running.

Well, enjoy the possible malware. Google is 100% useless, as always. It has no idea what I searched for either time.

Emby might be malware. Or Trim Enabler, except, it never auto opened some Twitter feed for me.

Can’t buy a new Mac mini, not enough money. Amazon doesn’t sell it anymore, so no paying monthly option anymore.

Note: This item is only available from third-party sellers (see all offers).

The search thing might search the internet, and I probably clicked enter, so it opened the wrong thing. Is there a way to disable internet searches in macOS?

It would cost $260.10 for the first month for a MacBook Air, then $180 for the other months.

I think I’ll wait and buy nothing.

The resolution on her monitor is only 1080p, mine is 1440p. A shitty GPU, like the one on that mini, will seem slow if the resolution is to high. Apparently 1440p is to high for the integrated GPU on the 2012 Mac mini. You even need an expensive adapter to use higher then 1080p. I should of kept the adapter, she doesn’t need it, the HDMI port should do 1080p. A new mini probably won’t need an adapter for 1440p though. I guess she can have two monitors now, that’ll probably slow it down, unless they both have shitty resolutions, less then 1080p.

Why does Apple insist on using Intel’s integrated GPUs? You can’t officially use an eGPU with the Mac mini 2012, you should be able to with the 2018 one. You need an expensive adapter to use an eGPU with the 2012 mini, and then you need a script or something, to make it so you can actually use the eGPU. Apple has it disabled in software. They are trying to force everybody to buy a new Mac for eGPU support.

Greedfall is a good game

Runs like butter. Probably not as graphically intensive as other games, at least not on the PS4.

Didn’t make it to the island yet, the ship was destroyed, by a monster. Probably didn’t need to put the game on easy.

There is one bad part, you can’t seem to jump, and it only lets you go where they intended, you can’t make your own path.

Might have some Assassin’s Creed game play in it. Except, you don’t have to play it that way. I don’t like Assassin’s Creed, that requires stealth. I don’t play stealth games, unless I want to die. Guess the stealth is what’s similar to Assassin’s Creed. You aren’t required to do it though.

Also, might be based in the same time. A game in the 1800s or whatever, that I can actually play. I rented Assassin’s Creed once, wasn’t worth playing.

How long will it take to get to the island? The ship is dead. Can you jump on the island? Or are you stuck only able to run?

It’s funny how I like RPGs from smaller studios. Don’t think ELEX is as big as Skyrim. That is the developers. Once you get far enough, the game gets boring. That’s what happened with ELEX.

If you like drugs, play Far Cry 5, those drugs make the game easy. There’s one so you take less damage. There’s another that gives you strength, so you can easily murder people by punching.

There’s drugs in ELEX too, but I’m not an outlaw. So, I get less XP when using the drugs.

I just beat a stealth mission in Far Cry 5 earlier. I should of just skipped it. If you lure them away from the hostages, then you can kill them, and they won’t be able to kill the hostages. Didn’t know that was an option.

What about a sniper with a suppressor?

To kill the first monster in Greedfall, just shoot it a bunch, and use health potions. If you play on the hardest setting, then good luck.

When the PS5 comes out, I’m going to need a 4k HDMI switch. Or just plug the HDMI extender into the 1080p switch, I don’t use it anyways. There’s lag if you do that. I should put that on Craigslist. But, I’m lazy.

How come big studios don’t make games as entertaining as small studios?

This game would of been worth $60, I only paid $54 or so after tax. If I went to the Valley or Airway Heights, I could of got it for even less, Walmart has it for less, but not any of the closer ones.

I should probably adjust the new fan, so it’s blowing the same way. But I’m lazy.