Biostar TA970XE

Is it dead? Everything turns on, but nothing on the monitor. But, removing the RAM, doesn't get a different result. Like, a different LED on the debug LED, the only one is the first LED.

The manual doesn't say what that means, just beep codes and other crap.

Might have some DDR3 too, that I can try changing it to.

I have a shitty video card I can try putting in it. There is no beep codes, there's probably no speaker plugged in. And I thought the debug LED was supposed to tell you something, apparently not.

That board is from 2012.

She should probably just get a new computer, like a Mac mini.

The RAM I might have, could be dead, it's been sitting unprotected in a drawer. So, I won't bother looking for it. I'll just try changing the GPU.

The cheap ass shitty GPU I have is a NVIDIA one, like she has, so no fiddling with the driver in Windows. It's a PCIe x1 card. That's why it's shitty.