Finally got my $140 a month Mac mini

Bought it on Amazon, before the price increased to over $700, it was a little under $700 when I bought it. Amazon lets you buy stuff with a five month payment plan, no credit check, and no interest.

Can't use it yet, it's reinstalling macOS, I restored my Time Machine backup, which was made with the beta macOS, so now Safari won't open, it requires 10.15.

Reinstalling shouldn't delete anything. Hopefully it replaces the incompatible apps.

To restore from a Samba share, you have to click other server, enter "smb://ip/timemachine", replace "timemachine" with the share name. Then click next, and enter the username and password. That took a long time, and only around 20 GB to copy.

I'll pay it on the 1st every month, click pay early. You can also pay it off completely. But a $140 a month bill is better. I'll be done paying in January of next year.

The first payment was around $202, you have to pay the shitty tax on the first payment, that added $50+ to the price.

I hate Windows more then anti consumer Apple. Some programs don't work in Linux, some of them work in macOS. Yes, I paid $700 or will total, to not have to use Windows.

On another note, macOS is probably slower then Linux. Or Apple throttles their computers.

Don't believe the Apple fan that claims no PC can get SSDs as fast as Macs. They've never heard of NVMe SSDs, the more you pay, the faster one you'll get.

If my motherboard wasn't so damn slow at posting, it would boot faster then the Mac mini. And I have a budget NVMe SSD. Didn't run any benchmark on the Mac yet. Now it's upgrading to the latest Mojave.

Yup, that Apple fan is a liar, you can buy a NVMe SSD with faster speeds. The write speed blows like my budget NVMe SSD, but the read speed is better then my budget NVMe SSD.

A bigger drive is probably faster, but you can't pay for it monthly with no credit check or interest from Apple, maybe no interest, but credit check. And their prices are a rip off. I don't plan on upgrading the RAM anytime soon. Maybe I'll see if an Apple Authorized place will upgrade it with RAM I buy. I'll pay them to do it.

Safari is way faster then the old mini. Faster then Chromium on my desktop most likely. The CPU is set to powersave on my desktop, but Chromium isn't that great. No Safari for Linux, Firefox isn't faster then Chromium.

Here's a benchmark, with the new shitty Geekbench 5. Shitty, because scores are less with it. They changed how they calculate it.

Only two Thunderbolt buses, that's 80 Gbps total. That's 20 Gbps a piece, there's four ports.

Can I use both buses for a eGPU? That would double the bandwidth.