Good luck hijacking my soundbar now

Some ass hat, decided to connect to my soundbar's Bluetooth while watching TV. Was trying to figure out why there was no sound, turned out it was on the Bluetooth input, I started to hear their shitty music.

Turned BT Lock or whatever it's called on, put it on the Bluetooth input, and hold the auto power on button down till it blinks a red light.

Says to upgrade the firmware, I didn't need to do that.

Doesn't show up by Bluetooth when on the optical input anymore. That should be enabled by default.

The easiest way to find the Bluetooth input, is by connecting to it by Bluetooth, and it'll switch to it. There is no Bluetooth button on the remote, not even the original one, just optical, and a function button. The function button might switch to every input.

I don't use the Bluetooth on it, so it won't be on the Bluetooth input. I only use optical from my TV.