Looks like another fan lowered my CPU temperature slightly

The fan cost $20, it came with a y-cable, if I bought some other 120mm fan, I'd most likely have to buy a y-cable. It's the same fan the CPU cooler came with, their fans aren't cheap.

The max was 70C when running Geekbench, but it went down pretty quickly. And the max when running "stress -c 12" was 67C. Didn't run it very long though.

Got Greedfall for the PS4, should probably play that now.

Who knows if the fan is pointing the right way. If they aren't both blowing the same way, it might be ineffective. Don't think it's pointing the same way, and I'm to lazy to fix it.

I was dripping sweat after putting it in. Not laying the computer down doesn't help the sweat. Big ass fan in the way doesn't help either. I'd have to move stuff on my desk to lay it down, or move the computer to my table. To lazy to do either.

I could leave it on the performance CPU governor now. It got down to 32C when on performance.

Just turned the loud ass front fans down, still 28C. Turned the fans back up, went up 2C.