Mac mini is fast now

I sold it to my mom for $150, basically got the money for the parts I put in it back. Reinstalled the old macOS. The non beta. Before, it seemed slower on the old version.

Probably had to much crap running in the background. But 8 GB of RAM should be plenty for what I had on it. I put Emby on it for her, and that didn't slow it down either. I didn't have any media server on it. I did have Malwarebytes on it, not the paid version, so no real time protection. It was running in the background though. I just manually ran scans for paranoia.

The weird thing is, when I rebooted it, and tried opening Emby, it opened something on Twitter. So, it might already be infected. Some school's Twitter. That might be why it blocked Emby from running.

Well, enjoy the possible malware. Google is 100% useless, as always. It has no idea what I searched for either time.

Emby might be malware. Or Trim Enabler, except, it never auto opened some Twitter feed for me.

Can't buy a new Mac mini, not enough money. Amazon doesn't sell it anymore, so no paying monthly option anymore.

Note: This item is only available from third-party sellers (see all offers).

The search thing might search the internet, and I probably clicked enter, so it opened the wrong thing. Is there a way to disable internet searches in macOS?

It would cost $260.10 for the first month for a MacBook Air, then $180 for the other months.

I think I'll wait and buy nothing.

The resolution on her monitor is only 1080p, mine is 1440p. A shitty GPU, like the one on that mini, will seem slow if the resolution is to high. Apparently 1440p is to high for the integrated GPU on the 2012 Mac mini. You even need an expensive adapter to use higher then 1080p. I should of kept the adapter, she doesn't need it, the HDMI port should do 1080p. A new mini probably won't need an adapter for 1440p though. I guess she can have two monitors now, that'll probably slow it down, unless they both have shitty resolutions, less then 1080p.

Why does Apple insist on using Intel's integrated GPUs? You can't officially use an eGPU with the Mac mini 2012, you should be able to with the 2018 one. You need an expensive adapter to use an eGPU with the 2012 mini, and then you need a script or something, to make it so you can actually use the eGPU. Apple has it disabled in software. They are trying to force everybody to buy a new Mac for eGPU support.