Most anti Apple folks are hypocrites

They claim Macs are slower, and are most likely an Intel fan. The problem is, Macs use Intel CPUs.

The OS is way better then Windows shit. Linux is probably better then macOS and Windows.

There's no iTunes or any other way to backup iOS devices in Linux. If there is a way, I don't know of it. I won't buy an Android phone again, the CPUs in them blow ass. Don't forget, Google sells everything you do to anybody that's willing to buy it.

libimobiledevice doesn't say it supports iOS 13, so that's useless.

The Linux phone is overpriced, at least the Librem 5, and you can't buy it with five monthly payments with no interest. Overpriced because making a phone is expensive as fuck, even if you use old tech, so not really overpriced. Wait for the next one, it might have a better CPU.

That's a good reason to buy a Mac, most of them on Amazon, you can pay for it over five months with zero interest, and zero credit check. None of the AMD Ryzen laptops I saw, you could pay over five months. And then, I'd have to hope Linux works on it, if it didn't, I'd have to send the hunk of junk back. You can't buy a System76 laptop over five months with zero interest and zero credit check.

Do they release new Macs every five months? Upgrade right after you pay the old one off.

Some people switched to Linux on a PC, because of Apple's anti consumer practices. Will they ever change their shitty ways? Probably not. The next mini, should have soldered RAM too.

Some people that use Macs use em for work, so just buy the RAM upgrade from Apple. Various TV shows, show Macs, like Contact.