That might be a good way to fall a sleep

If I bend over to fill my water bottle up, the filtered water is in fridge on the bottom, I feel light headed, or possibly dizzy. Then I sort of lose my balance while unbending over.

I won't bother telling the doctor about that at my appointment this week.

Why bother? That's a nice sleeping aid, if I pass out. Good thing I'm single, she'd just get guardianship over me, and then she can go back with me to the doctor, no matter what I say.

They might send me to a nursing home. I'll be getting all the ladies... Old ladies. After they are done forcefully giving me drugs.

Or the doctor might read this blog. Then they'll waste money running a thousand more tests. Why delay my death? Everybody will die eventually. No point in delaying it.

Might have an ear infection, except my ear doesn't hurt. I probably did have an ear infection, when my ear hurt.

When the nurse asks me why I'm there, I'll say "Ask somebody who cares".

Do they have trans women in nursing homes? Well, maybe trans grannies.

That's what happens when you move out, your health declines rapidly. And if you are like me, you don't give a shit.

If this site ceases to exist, that means I pissed the bucket, or went insane, and am stuck in a small padded room.