Stomach flu + dog + live alone + in an apartment sucks

Almost puked on the way inside with Tonka. She's only been out two times today. My neighbors don't like me, so there's nobody to ask to take her out.

Some water came up. Thirsty but I'll just puke it up. I think you can go three days or so without water. Kind of a shitty way to die.

I was right about not taking medicine. One of them makes me feel sick if I don't eat, so I'd just puke it all up. Including the water.

Mom got me some other stuff to drink. Good luck drinking only sips when you are thirsty. Haven't drank anything all day.

Might be throwing it up. Then I'll drink more, and just keep throwing it up. Just finished a glass of Gatorade. Why no stomach pain yet? Did I lay down long enough? Or does only water do that?

Every time I puke a lot, I get all sweaty.

Drank some 7 Up, not sure I like 7 Up though, probably drink it slow.

Doesn't look like I'll be needing to go to the ER. Chugged a glass of Gatorade, drank not very much 7 Up, took the dog outside. Didn't puke yet.

Last time I took the dog outside, I almost puked. Well, the time before I got my Gatorade. No idea if I can eat yet. I'll probably wait until I take Tonka out again.

She got me some Popsicles too, and crackers.

Looks like the stomach flu doesn't last 24 hours. At least not being able to drink doesn't. Good thing, cause I love drinking water.

Lesson learned, don't get food at a fast food restaurant. They probably just got over it, and didn't wait long enough before going back to work. They touched my fries, and gave me the stomach flu. Nobody else ate any of the fries, thought my sister's son would have some, he didn't, so I ate an entire tub of fries.

Don't go to any restaurant, you risk getting the stomach flu. Don't eat meat, you risk getting food poisoning. Just eat carrots.

If you puke everything you drink up, then you'll be off to the ER, getting an IV. Something I read said that's the only way to get hydrated, if you keep puking clear liquids up. Makes sense, if you keep puking it up, you aren't doing anything, other then swallowing it, and puking it right back up.

That's how some people eat and not gain weight. They make themselves puke.

Pretty sure this water will result in puking

Probably going to need to go get an IV of water.

I didn't drink any yet, and my stomach is already starting to hurt. Only way to get rid of the pain is by puking.

I need to brush my teeth again, water doesn't taste good with puke in my mouth. But that might be why my stomach hurt, not enough liquid.

At least I'll have something to puke up now, might not be as painful.

Tonka leaves the room every time I puke. Don't think she likes it when I'm sick. She's acting kind of depressed.

If it's the flu, it might kill me. If my BMI is over 40.

Don't take a shower if you are puking

Should of brought the bucket in with me. Luckily I already puked all the food up. Just green and grayish stuff. I need to drink something, my mouth is dry.

Can’t take my medicine, that’ll make me puke. One of them requires food or you feel like puking. Not sure which one.

Not all sweaty anymore. If it’s the flu it can last two weeks. First two to three days will be the worst. Probably shouldn’t go to my appointments. I need to go to one of them though.

If I have the flu

What was the point in getting a flu shot? Maybe I didn't get one. I don't remember.

Some people may have vomiting and diarrhea, though this is more common in children than adults.

On Google. Not a child, so why am I puking? I am all sweaty.

My nose might be runny. It did hurt yesterday.

The third time I puked, no food came out. It was loud though. Since I waited until around 7 am to start puking, there probably wasn't much food in my stomach.

Well, better get my bucket and go back to bed. Sleeping is the best way to get over an illness. Should probably drink some water. Maybe later, if I wake up.

When my stomach hurts, it feels like somebody punched me.

Nothing like waking up to puke

Then stomach acid in my throat.

Maybe I ate to much food yesterday. Chips and salsa, and/or cereal might do the trick. That's a good weight loss plan.

That's why I should of kept Kismet running

Phone disconnected from WiFi while sleeping.

Did they hijack my phone's session? They found out they had zero internet access at that time, thanks to the firewall. I'd shut my WiFi off when sleeping, but the only way to do so requires unplugging it.

Phone could of disconnected itself, maybe it was trying to use the WiFi, but wasn't working so disconnected. The mobile data works when on WiFi, if the screen is off. Or the phone is semi defective.

Last time it was disconnecting, it disconnected more then once.

I could make it require a username and password when you connect. But I'm lazy. And the server would have to be running on something, meaning if there's a security hole in it, they can then hack it. Might be fine if the device it's on is on the WiFi VLAN. They can't gain control of your entire wired network that way.

If 5G has no data limit, I'll just get a 5G phone, and not use WiFi. Except, I can't control my Apple TV if I don't use WiFi. Maybe the future 5G iPhones will use USB Type-C, and support ethernet adapters.

Probably didn't hijack my session, because I wouldn't of got an alert about reconnecting. I have to be disconnected for so long and then reconnect, for it to say I reconnected.

Probably just trying to get me to connect to their bogus AP.

Two disconnects, one around 3 am, and the other around 6 am. There will probably be more, once I go back to bed.

Based on the look on her face

She either really doesn't like me, or thinks I don't like her.

Either way, I won't bother saying anything to her. I might hide from her though.

I have no idea why she acted like she liked me a long time ago, she doesn't even know me. No sane person would like me. Most insane people wouldn't like me either.

I need to move.

The reason I won't say anything to her, is she'll say "Don't fucking talk to me". Or something like that.

Just think if she became friends with me, she really wouldn't like me then.

She was walking past me, and was staying far to the left. That's all the proof I need that she really dislikes me.

Where did the depression come from? Oh right, probably because I made her hate me. But why should I care? Hating me is a good thing. Then nobody will talk to me. Or look at me.

I was right though, she is avoiding me.

I learned my lesson, maybe. Next time a woman tries talking to me, I'll just ignore them.

I did run away from somebody before her. I didn't recognize her. I wonder what happened to her anyways. At least she doesn't live in this building.

Meike 50mm f/2.0 micro 4/3

That's cheaper then the 7artisans 55mm, probably just as shitty too. Maybe slightly more shitty.

Never did try my manual micro 4/3 mount lens on my new camera. Probably won't either. Oh wait, I think my sister wanted it with the camera I'm selling her. That's probably why I never bothered trying it.

In fact, I probably won't use my new camera. Guess I don't need another battery for it, or a grip.

It's $75 on Amazon.

They have broken women too?

Well it said girl, so not women.

I thought only men got broken.

Maybe if they break enough men, they will break themselves. But technically, the man breaks themselves. The woman just encourages it. Or gives you a good reason to do so.

My medium salsa is spicy, but good

A lot of times when I eat spicy stuff, all I can taste is spicy, no good flavors.

Wasn't sure about the salsa at first. It's fine now, guess my mouth needed to adjust.

You might end up eating it all at once, if you have corn chips.

Don't think it's the same kind I got last time at Winco. I can't remember what brand it was.

I was asking Lilly where the kitty was

Then Pumpkin came in the living room. That's who I was talking about. Probably heard me saying kitty.

I don't know if Lilly jumps in anybody's lap anymore. She jumped in mine once, a long time ago. She probably gained weight since then.

I was feeding the three remaining dogs, and Lilly left her food. Sofie decided to eat Lilly's food, so I picked Lilly up and brought her to Sofie's food. It's easier to take her there, then try to get her to go over there. I suppose if I stood by Sofie's food, she might of went over there, if I called her.

Think they were confused, one dog was missing.

CyberPanel makes invalid systemd service files

[/etc/systemd/system/lscpd.service:8] Failed to parse service restart specifier, ignoring: /usr/local/lscp/bin/lscpdctrl restart

There's two Restart options in the file. Systemd might run stop, then start, to restart. The other Restart says "on-abnormal".

Funny, they don't know how to make valid service files. Not sure it's a good idea using such a control panel.

You can still start and stop and restart, it just ignores that Restart option.

Somebody was trying to explain relationships to somebody outside

They kept asking "do you not get this?". If somebody tried explaining relationships to me, I'd just say "what?" to that question. Make them repeat themselves 2000 times.

I don't get anything, so don't try to explain anything to me. You can try, but I'll never get it. Just like if you try to explain math to me. Or science, or history, or English.

Well, history is just stories, I'd have to read the same sentence 2000 times though. Maybe more.

Crying is painful

Either my eyes or the top of my nose hurts when doing so. Good thing I don't cry very often, might kill me.

Might of got rid of the feeling in my stomach though.

Goodbye BunnyCDN

Not using BunnyCDN on this site anymore. Just went to it on my phone, and the CSS was gone, so it didn't look right at all.

No idea why it works on my other site.

It likes getting a 502 gateway error.

That might explain where the traffic went.

The only difference between this site, and the other, is this one is running WordPress, and had a BunnyCDN plugin. They should be on the same value plan. Apparently they each get a different server, and the one this gets, sucks.

Nintendo Switch 7.0.0 cracked already

Nintendo seems to be doing baby steps. Instead of waiting until they fully secure it, they just release each bit separately. They don't really add any new features either. Just improve the security.

Might take a while to make a method of decrypting a package, I assume they need to do so for CFW. The existing way doesn't work anymore.

You'd think with all the money TX gets, they'd have a way to run CFW on patched units. And they wouldn't need to borrow anything from the open source community.

SX OS wouldn't exist, if somebody else didn't do most of the work. They just want money, not to actually do anything themselves. They do have XCI loading, but that's kind of useless. Once free CFW has EmuNAND, there won't be any reason to use SX OS.

All there is is love

Sell all your stuff, you don't need it. The only thing you are supposed to learn is love.

But what about criminals? Are you supposed to love them too? Probably. That means rapists, killers, and anything else you don't agree with.

Still no flickering

Looks like it was the outdated kernel. The kernel I'm running is also outdated, to lazy to compile the newest version, Manjaro is slow as fuck at updating.

amdgpu.dc is on too.

Uptime is almost three days.

A telescope with a camera kit would cost about $400

Don't ask me how to put the telescope together, or attach the camera to it.

But that would allow me to zoom in really far. You might need a better tripod then I have too.

Anyone know how to assemble a telescope?

Huppin's has one for $150. Maybe my mom will buy it for me, probably not, seeing as the dog is sick. She took her to the emergency vet last night. That's expensive. They have one for $100, but it's a refractor type or something. The $90 kit, you'd need to purchase something else, to get it in focus. The cheap ones at Huppin's don't require tools to set it up.

I think I'd rather have the $300 telescope. Probably have to use tools to assemble it though. But you might not need to replace anything to use it with the camera kit.

Chibi might be dead today

Alarm went off at 10 am, looked at my phone to turn it off, had a text saying Chibi couldn't walk, and was crying. I had enough energy to stay up, but decided it wasn't worth it, so went back to bed.

When I woke up around 12 pm, I had a missed call from her. Called her back, thought she would of already taken her to the vet, nope they can't see her till 3 pm. She said she can walk a little, then she falls down. She's peeing on herself too. Cries when she's awake.

She wasn't as bad this morning, she let put her outside, and she walked back in. She had to come home from work, and won't get paid for today.

Nobody knows what happened, why she got worse. She isn't eating or drinking either.

You don't have to like a dog to not want them dead. Maybe she was annoying when she was younger, but that isn't a good reason to not like her. Not liking her because somebody else doesn't, isn't a good reason either.

The problem is, you have to put them down, which feels like murder. It just reminds me of all the dead dogs I know, like Buddy and Meiko, and then that Tonka will be dead someday too. If Tonka doesn't die in her sleep, then it'll be just as bad as losing Buddy, if not worse. No dogs I grew up with will be alive anymore.

Dog being smart or not also doesn't matter, just ask God, all there is is love. Ask the guy that died and came back, not a "near death experience", nothing near about it, they were dead.

She's gone. She said she looked peaceful. When they gave her the shot.

Might be sleeping for a long time. Assuming I go to bed earlier. And I fall a sleep.