Good job BuyVM

Their block storage is awful as your /home drive. Had to unattach it, then attach it, then reboot the server.

Should probably move everything back to the non block storage, and then ln -s the folder with the pictures.

Is my main backup drive dying?

Super slow at accessing it in the file manager. Super slow at copying data from it to my new drive.

Nope, looks like a Deepin problem. Unless you try listing a directory with a ton of files and/or folders.

Looks like my Timeshift backup is running, the light on the drive it backs up to is blinking. Probably hogging all the bandwidth.

Sigma 30mm is a good lens

Might be cheaper then the 60mm. But I had the Sigma 30mm, sold it, thought it was to far zoomed in or something. Turns out, it wasn't zoomed in enough. Sigma doesn't make a 40mm lens, for micro four thirds.

Funny, I sold a Panasonic 25mm to Amazon, think it's 25mm, ended up rebuying it. Should rebuy the Sigma 30mm, it's cheaper then the 60.

The YI 42.5mm can't be beat, if you use a flash

And you paid $100 or so for it used. Not sure it's the best lens for $200 now, the Sigma 60mm for $209 might be better, it's sharp everywhere. According to one review, possibly more reviews.

The YI might be worth $150 max. When they lower the price of it, they'll sell a bunch.

But f1.8 is useless, a flash works way better. Therefore, if I was buying new, I'd buy a Sigma.

I might buy the Sigma anyways. Good thing my tray fits in my toaster oven now, I need all my money for a lens. I'll only buy it this month if I sell my adapter, and possibly old video card. Got to leave as much money as possible in the bank.

I should of kept my Sigma 30mm. The problem was the old expensive not very good flash I was using. Or camera settings, or both.

Not sure if I used the Sigma 30mm on my E-M10. Probably did on the E-PM2 and 1.

Intel fanboys would pay $1,000 for just the CPU

So when AMD ceases to exist, enjoy paying $1,000 for one part. I'll be using a ARM computer of some kind. That'll be the only cheaper alternative.

Apple probably won't use Intel CPUs when that happens, so Macs will be a good deal then.