Dream about Tonka, wake up early

That might of been what some would call a nightmare. Dreaming about taking her to the vet, so they can murder her.

That actually happened. It's murder no matter how you look at it.

You can't change my mind about anything. Should of waited longer to do it, it was to early. She was still eating. Also, should of kept her at home, just let her knock stuff down, stuff doesn't matter, only she mattered.

What was she trying to accomplish by getting some people in the building to not talk to me anymore?

The older people, won't care what she says about me. I'm guessing she's younger then me. Therefore, I haze zero interest whatsoever in her.

There's plenty of women that don't live here, that could care less about what she says. Dating or anything anybody in this building would be foolish. My subconscious knows best.

Then again, dating anybody in this country might be foolish.

On another note, some women at Trader Joe's have a nice big ass. Not the South Hill one, the one up North.

Maybe she stumbled upon this site, and got butt hurt. Except, almost nobody goes to this site. Apparently nobody wants to read ramblings by a madman.

Fixed my TTY


Description=Don't print dmesg in tty

ExecStart=/usr/bin/dmesg -n 1


No more dmesg when using the console on BuyVM. And the window doesn't seem to move itself anymore. To bad no copy and pasting. At least a bunch of crap isn't bombarding it now, when I'm trying to use it.

I don't need it right now, but if the firewall blocks me again, I'll need it.

Switching your DirectAdmin's sever OS is a pain in the ass

Make sure you run setup.sh with screen, or when the firewall decides to block you, you'll be running the script all over again.

No more CentOS. Can you upgrade Debian to a newer version without reinstalling? Probably not.

You have to reinstall CentOS, if you want version 8 and you are running 7. I'd rather use Debian, then reinstall CentOS.

If you ask me how I restored everything from the backup, I have no idea. You mostly need /usr/local/directadmin, setup.sh will think it's already installed. And BuyVM's Debian 10 template doesn't have Curl, so you'll be running setup.sh all over again.

Oh, and BuyVM's VNC is fucked. I don't know if it's the OS, or their VNC. Don't bother trying to use their web console, the window moves itself on the screen.

The other problem is, when logging in there's a bunch of [ and enter on the screen, makes it a mess for typing. And somehow I got logged out once. No copy and paste either. It's easier to use my desktop, and use my script to type for me. Or disable passwords, that would work too.

She's clueless

She thinks I want to have dinner with her. If she rejected her ex's phone calls, he'd be pissed too. If she lied to him, he'd also be pissed.

She made her choice, now she gets to live with it. She won't have any issues living with it, as she never gave a rats ass about me anyways.

It's obvious when a call is rejected, it doesn't ring as long.

That's why she didn't answer, she wasn't sick, that was her lie.

Should of been obvious it was a lie, as she sent two texts, somehow she would be all better today. How would you know if you'd be better today if you are sick? You wouldn't.

Enjoy your shitty holidays without me. Pretty sure Thanksgiving is celebrating a massacre or something, no idea what Christmas is celebrating.

The new Zelda game is a pain

And after leaving a house, it gets low FPS or something.

Pain because, you can't move rocks, so you have to guess what to do. You can't push it, you can't lift it.

You are stuck in a small area.

You can't jump either. The bow costs over 900.

Don't ask me what you are supposed to do.

Don't bother calling me, no Google Voice WiFi calling setup, and I removed the T-Mobile SIM card. That's what happens when you reject somebody's call for no good reason. Oh, and I blocked all messages on T-Mobile, you can't block numbers apparently. It should just block everything.

She's a liar, claiming to be sick, but isn't at home resting. Trying to find out what's wrong, and she rejects my call. So, there's no point in interacting with her anymore. Enjoy lame holidays without me.

The real problem

If any of you truly wonder why relationships have gotten so hard to find and maintain these days just sit back and read because after a lot, and I mean a lot of searching thru multiple dating and social media sites and conversations with people I think I've figured it out.

America has become the land of the man-hater. Females would have you believe they are the victims when in fact they are the victimizers. It is socially acceptable for a female to vocally and physically assault a man in public whereas when starts to defend himself that's when others will step in on HER behalf. 

Females will claim we live in a rape culture. Of course it may seem that way when men can be charged with crimes simply for saying hi to a female. Plus now that society is getting on that #believewomen nonsense, females are claiming rape because they got rejected. 

The pay gap is a complete myth. The only thing that might support that is the fact that men earn more per year than females. Once you look into why that is, it's completely understandable. 

In a society where females are coddled and overly privileged they have no need of common decency and respect for others. The blatant double standards females have are proof of their lack of respect for the entire male gender. Here's a short list.

Females are praised for rejecting short men and if the men say anything then they have a napoleon complex. Whereas men are villainized for rejecting overweight females. It's easier to lose 50lbs than grow 5in. And with only 15% of American men being 6ft and over and almost 80% of females saying that they want nothing less... When 20 attractive females throw themselves at one guy, don't label men bad because he just bangs and slangs all 20 of you.

You have single moms of multiple kids by multiple guys living on welfare or in their parents basement complaining because they cant find a guy that drives a BMW or Mercedes. Yet your dating profile consists of a couple slutty pics and two words, "spoil me." Yes this is a real person. Even the car thing. This is not an isolated thing either.

Females have 30 to 40x more sexual partners than men do and men are the ones still considered "sex-crazed". Of course guys may seem desperate when the average guy has one sexual partner every 2 to 3 months whereas a female has anywhere between 12 and 25. Maybe if it was that easy for guys to get some they wouldn't seem so desperate.

I wonder how long it would take those social media girls to break down if every guy just stopped giving them attention? "OMG! Nobody is liking my post!😫😫🤯" 

Females clearly have no idea how starved for attention men actually are, they only claim to know. The problem isn't men. It's the female fantasy and the fact that their are men desperate enough to feed into it.

They just posted what the real problem is, men like them.

You can thank the internet, their post will be on it forever.

Their pay gap part makes no sense, making more a year, is making more.

They are probably a rapist, not surprising, they hate women.

Where did I find that? Craigslist, of course. Where else do you find men like that?

ns-usbloader worst software ever

Freezes my entire computer. Finally logged into SSH to my desktop. Waiting for it to finish installing something, which probably won't work because of the firmware on my emuMMC.

Then, I'm killing the process.

Tinfoil, the real old version, failed at installing something. Just said 0% after it finished the big file, but never did anything else. Looks like Goldleaf crapped out. Time, to kill the process.

Haha! Linux killed it for me. Now, I need to close Goldleaf on my Switch.

And, the official program, uses Java too, and it freezes Linux as well. Couldn't use it with OpenJDK, only the official Java. Do I need a newer version? Or does Java just blow ass? I'm guessing it just blows ass.

Could be that it's plugged into one of my external drives. Maybe that's causing the freezing. SSH isn't working, tried running "ps aux | grep java".

Linux is completely frozen.

It's working now. To get my desktop to post, I had to turn it off, and unplug the drives and back in, I forgot one drive. Still posted even without rebooting one drive, the external made to be, Seagate drives, don't have a switch or button. My HD dock has a button, and the NAS drive in an enclosure has a switch. That's the drive I forgot to power cycle.

No idea what ns-usbloader did. Maybe nothing.

The Switch is plugged into my hub now, instead of the external drive.

The Switch doesn't crash with a good micro SD card. The other one was crap. I should try and get it replaced, claims life time warranty.

This new card, is the best micro SD card I've had, not just space, it can write faster then 10 MB/s. Not when installing using Goldleaf. But when plugged into my card reader it can.

How slow are my regular SD cards? It could be better then those too.

Olympus should release a cheap micro 4/3 camera with two micro SD slots. Buy two of those cards, and tell the camera to backup the main to the second.

Status site is up

Try going to https://status.vanvalkinburgh.org/, if this site is down, different server. If both servers are down, you are screwed.

Just a static HTML site, using Hugo.

If I wasn't lazy, I'd convert this site and my other site to Hugo.

No wonder my slave DNS server is fast

cat /proc/cpuinfo
processor	: 0
vendor_id	: AuthenticAMD
cpu family	: 23
model		: 1
model name	: AMD EPYC Processor (with IBPB)
stepping	: 2
microcode	: 0x1000065
cpu MHz		: 2099.998
cache size	: 512 KB
physical id	: 0
siblings	: 1
core id		: 0
cpu cores	: 1
apicid		: 0
initial apicid	: 0
fpu		: yes
fpu_exception	: yes
cpuid level	: 13
wp		: yes
flags		: fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic sep mtrr pge mca cmov pat pse36 clflush mmx fxsr sse sse2 syscall nx mmxext fxsr_opt pdpe1gb rdtscp lm rep_good nopl cpuid extd_apicid tsc_known_freq pni pclmulqdq ssse3 fma cx16 sse4_1 sse4_2 x2apic movbe popcnt tsc_deadline_timer aes xsave avx f16c rdrand hypervisor lahf_lm cmp_legacy svm cr8_legacy abm sse4a misalignsse 3dnowprefetch osvw ssbd ibpb vmmcall fsgsbase tsc_adjust bmi1 avx2 smep bmi2 rdseed adx smap clflushopt sha_ni xsaveopt xsavec xgetbv1 virt_ssbd arat
bugs		: fxsave_leak sysret_ss_attrs null_seg spectre_v1 spectre_v2 spec_store_bypass
bogomips	: 4199.99
TLB size	: 1024 4K pages
clflush size	: 64
cache_alignment	: 64
address sizes	: 40 bits physical, 48 bits virtual
power management:

Well, I finally got a VPS with a AMD CPU. RamNode's VDS uses Intel CPUs it says. No block storage either. If they had block storage, and the option to get a AMD CPU with a VDS, I might signup.

Second DNS server works finally

You need to add the slave's server to the transfer setting in /etc/named.conf, on the master.

allow-transfer  { xxx; };

I have DirectSlave on the second server.

The cloud control panel on RamNode rocks.

If they had block storage, and a cheaper VDS, I'd switch the main server to them too. But, BuyVM is cheap, will be hard to offer the same prices.

Their control panel, has a firewall, just delete the allow all incoming rules.

Nice, no SWAP, and only 512 MB of RAM, it's the cheapest $3 plan, under standard.

Guess, my DNS doesn't need much RAM.

And the CPU looks to mostly be under 10%.

You can also allow only a specific IP to access certain ports.

The hardest part, was getting it to connect, the firewall on the slave is fine. I forgot CSF is configured to block outgoing ports that aren't allowed. After adding the port, I was able to connect from this server.

I'll setup a status.vanvalkinburgh.org on the VPS some other day. So if the main server is down, you might know why. Unless it's another BuyVM outage, their entire site went down, last time that happened. And it lasted a while.

Are Apple keyboards like that?

My mom has a cheap Anker Bluetooth controller, but the command or whatever button is in a different spot.

I just remember the Windows key and Q, quits apps. That's with a PC keyboard.

It's in a different spot on her keyboard, and there's more buttons then my keyboard. Well, on the side where the command button is.

My keyboard was expensive. I have no intention of getting a new keyboard.

I'm surprised that guy is still married

It is much like being married to a great wife for many years. You love her, get along great, maybe have children together, and have many wonderful shared experiences and memories. But, of course, over time she is not looking as hot as in earlier days. You may be tempted by a new model that does look hot, but then the cost will be half of all you own to your ex-wife, maybe child support, and a huge, painful, stressful disruption in your life. You go away to think about all this and come back home and discover that the Old Lady has gotten a total makeover while you were gone. The full works: breast enhancement, nips and tucks, new hairstyle, professional makeup, new wardrobe, and a whole new attitude. Jeez, she's looking pretty hot again. Sure, it cost a few bucks out of the family savings, but a whole lot cheaper than splitting up and moving on to the Hot, New Thing that in a few years will also be an Old Lady. And on top of that, the new model while looking hot didn't have as good a personality as the old model and she smokes, which you hate. On balance, it may be nicer and less expensive to just stay with the New, Updated Old Lady. 

From here.

Well, actually surprised he got married in the first place.

That might be sexist, and women aren't objects. That doesn't mean I believe they aren't, I don't believe anything.

I might be an object, I don't even have to think to type this. Or think to shit, eat, move, breath.

I can't even think about sex without half the thought being blocked.

Also, they don't know what love is. It has nothing to do with how attractive somebody is. That isn't love.

Speaking of love, dogs know what love is. Apparently people don't know shit about love. No wonder the Aliens keep flooding us.

You got to love the internet, their post will be on it forever.

Silicon Power 512GB R/W up to 100/ 80MB/s Superior Pro microSDXC

Mom bought that for me, for my early Christmas present.

It'll take four hours for f3write to finish.

15.92% -- 33.33 MB/s -- 3:48:29

No errors in dmesg yet. The other card had an error in dmesg when I first got it, that could of been a sign that it was going to die. The old card claims it has a lifetime warranty, but requires registering it, didn't do that.

The new card has a five year warranty.

It's faster then the old card. My card reader could suck, and not get faster speeds. It does go down to around 14 MB/s for not very long. But for the most part stays around 30 MB/s.

After f3write, I have to run f3read.

Actually, I think the card reader can do faster speeds, at least for reading.

I have a cheap Anker card reader, it's USB 3.0, wouldn't see read speeds of over 50 MB/s if it wasn't. That was with the old card, haven't done any reading on the new card yet.

8 sectors corrupted, according to f3read.

                  SECTORS      ok/corrupted/changed/overwritten
Validating file 416.h2w ... 2097144/        8/      0/      0
  Data OK: 468.37 GB (982232696 sectors)
Data LOST: 4.00 KB (8 sectors)
               Corrupted: 4.00 KB (8 sectors)
        Slightly changed: 0.00 Byte (0 sectors)
             Overwritten: 0.00 Byte (0 sectors)
Average reading speed: 41.08 MB/s

Is that why it was formatted with 32 MB free before the big partition? I tried formatting it like that, but it kept changing the free space after. I need free space after the first partition for the emuMMC.

If you get some sectors corrupted, repeat the f3write/f3read test. Some drives recover from these failures on a second full write cycle. However, if the corrupted sectors persist, the drive is junk because not only is it a fake drive, but its real memory is already failing.

From here.

And how do I know it's not the card reader? Or the program? Or my desktop?

Damn, I should of tested that file again, instead of the last file. You need to use "cat f3read.txt | more", without more, you miss a bunch of stuff or it's easier to read.

So the micro SD card is junk, because 8 sectors are corrupted? And it's fake? That's only 4kb. Not like I care, about 4kb.

Also, the card doesn't get hot like the old one. The card reader got hot too. So I assume the card did. Not with the new one.

You basically, have to run f3write/f3read again. I'm lazy, so I won't.

It works in the Switch, after clicking "Migrate emuMMC", it fixed the config. Slow boot the first time. Didn't install anything yet. I was finishing my Hugo site.

4 hour downtime

I was switching the /home drive to a LVM. Doing so, requires formatting. Copying the data from the backup drive, took a long ass time. I stayed up till 3 AM. Guess, I should of done it earlier.

I wanted a cache, that's easy to configure. You know why, the /home drive is super slow. It's block storage from BuyVM, that's what the backup is on too. There's one off site backup, but not everything.

I need another VPS, to make it a backup DNS server. But, I'm cheap, and lazy.

I need to upgrade to CentOS 8, I found unofficial instructions. But I'm lazy, and then it'll have even more downtime.

BuyVM is out of stock of the $2 a month VPS. A different provider will have a bandwidth limit. I use under 10 GB a month, but I like having no limit. BuyVM will just throttle you if you use to much.

Good song

I like a woman singing to me that she loves me. Oh wait, she isn't singing to or about me. That's a bummer. I'll keep dreaming.

On T-Mobile's home internet waiting list

Only one problem, the router might not support bridge mode. It's possible by the time they invite me, it will, or I'll be able to get just a modem.

I don't care if it's double NAT. I don't open ports, thanks to paranoia.

The speed might decrease, and the latency might increase. The upload speed will still smoke Comcast's 5 Mbps.

In 90 days of T-Mobile internet, I won't switch to Comcast's low income internet. I don't want to give Comcast anything. Not even $10 or whatever it is. Their low income internet might have no data cap.

You know how much money T-Mobile will make once you can signup without an invitation? Lots of money. You just need a T-Mobile signal, and you have no data limit for $50 a month. Oh, and you can actually upload stuff without waiting as long. T-Mobile will be adding a lot of capacity when that happens. Comcast will probably lobby to get a law passed that says wireless carriers can't provide internet, or will have to pay tax or something.

Comcast will find a way to screw everybody. If they can't get a law passed, then they'll just charge T-Mobile a huge amount of money to use their pipes.

So, some of the internet won't be accessible, or will be really slow.

BuyVM $15 a month benchmark

Geekbench my Mac mini's single core score is better. Of course my desktop is.

The multi core score is lower, but only one core.

That benchmark might be kind of useless. For a VPS.

You need server management experience if you get a self managed VPS?

No you don't, get BuyVM, and a dedicated core. If bots hammer your site, it'll just get slow. I did solve the bot problem though, no more access to wp-login.php for them.

And the non dedicated core plans, they might just throttle you.

You can also throttle yourself, just limit the CPU for specific users. At least, you can with CentOS. I do that, so some of the sites don't slow other sites down. Don't remember which sites are throttled, probably my sister's husband's site, and maybe my Nextcloud. Don't know if this site is.

That might be an inefficient way to manage a server. And expensive if you don't throttle yourself. It'll get slow, and you'll have to pay for more resources. Eventually, you'll need a dedicated server. You'll be paying over a grand a month.

Unless it's like this site, and gets no traffic.

Silicon Power-256GB High Speed MicroSD Card with Adapter is dead

Bought it on June 27, 2018, for $76.15 after tax. The reviews even say it's not reliable, the 256 GB one isn't.

You can't buy the exact card I bought anymore, says it isn't available anymore.

All I did was copy everything off the card, then format it, then was copying my Switch's NAND backup to it. The write speed kept getting slower and slower. And I think before I removed it without waiting for the slow writing to stop, it had I/O errors in dmesg. I did click eject, but just said it was still writing to it. Probably did more damage doing that.

Don't think it was much cheaper then known brands either.

I doubt Silicon Power makes their own NAND.

Maybe it overheated from all that copying. I can't even delete the partitions now. I doubt it's under warranty anymore.

Hopefully the 512 GB one my mom ordered me works better.

I remember seeing errors in dmesg with that card when I first got it. Should of got a replacement, or my money back.

The new card will be tested with f3write and f3read before I copy data to it. To make sure it's not fake. Also, it might die doing that, at least, I can return it if it does. Same brand.

This card probably would of died if I ran f3write on it, when I first got it.