4 hour downtime

I was switching the /home drive to a LVM. Doing so, requires formatting. Copying the data from the backup drive, took a long ass time. I stayed up till 3 AM. Guess, I should of done it earlier.

I wanted a cache, that's easy to configure. You know why, the /home drive is super slow. It's block storage from BuyVM, that's what the backup is on too. There's one off site backup, but not everything.

I need another VPS, to make it a backup DNS server. But, I'm cheap, and lazy.

I need to upgrade to CentOS 8, I found unofficial instructions. But I'm lazy, and then it'll have even more downtime.

BuyVM is out of stock of the $2 a month VPS. A different provider will have a bandwidth limit. I use under 10 GB a month, but I like having no limit. BuyVM will just throttle you if you use to much.