I'm surprised that guy is still married

It is much like being married to a great wife for many years. You love her, get along great, maybe have children together, and have many wonderful shared experiences and memories. But, of course, over time she is not looking as hot as in earlier days. You may be tempted by a new model that does look hot, but then the cost will be half of all you own to your ex-wife, maybe child support, and a huge, painful, stressful disruption in your life. You go away to think about all this and come back home and discover that the Old Lady has gotten a total makeover while you were gone. The full works: breast enhancement, nips and tucks, new hairstyle, professional makeup, new wardrobe, and a whole new attitude. Jeez, she's looking pretty hot again. Sure, it cost a few bucks out of the family savings, but a whole lot cheaper than splitting up and moving on to the Hot, New Thing that in a few years will also be an Old Lady. And on top of that, the new model while looking hot didn't have as good a personality as the old model and she smokes, which you hate. On balance, it may be nicer and less expensive to just stay with the New, Updated Old Lady. 

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Well, actually surprised he got married in the first place.

That might be sexist, and women aren't objects. That doesn't mean I believe they aren't, I don't believe anything.

I might be an object, I don't even have to think to type this. Or think to shit, eat, move, breath.

I can't even think about sex without half the thought being blocked.

Also, they don't know what love is. It has nothing to do with how attractive somebody is. That isn't love.

Speaking of love, dogs know what love is. Apparently people don't know shit about love. No wonder the Aliens keep flooding us.

You got to love the internet, their post will be on it forever.