Lots of humans are close minded

Somehow God can exist in their minds, but Aliens can't. Why can't they coexist? They also think reptile Aliens isn't possible, but somehow it's possible for there to be a God.

If you look at Aliens differently, it would support your obsession of God, notice how all "intelligent" life seems to walk on two legs? Why would almost all intelligent life be similar if it wasn't for God?

The Universe is massive, no other life in it, makes zero sense.

There are some Aliens apparently that live in the water, but can go on land, and stand up.

Also, if we are the only life, we wouldn't exist, because humans are awful. God wouldn't want to keep such an abomination alive.

There will be lots of shock, when the truth is revealed, which will probably happen in my lifetime. I'll just be laughing at all the people that think in a massive universe we are the only ones, because I'm human and that's what humans do, they laugh at each other. Well, that's one thing they do.

How is fighting over politics and killing each other intelligent?