ns-usbloader worst software ever

Freezes my entire computer. Finally logged into SSH to my desktop. Waiting for it to finish installing something, which probably won't work because of the firmware on my emuMMC.

Then, I'm killing the process.

Tinfoil, the real old version, failed at installing something. Just said 0% after it finished the big file, but never did anything else. Looks like Goldleaf crapped out. Time, to kill the process.

Haha! Linux killed it for me. Now, I need to close Goldleaf on my Switch.

And, the official program, uses Java too, and it freezes Linux as well. Couldn't use it with OpenJDK, only the official Java. Do I need a newer version? Or does Java just blow ass? I'm guessing it just blows ass.

Could be that it's plugged into one of my external drives. Maybe that's causing the freezing. SSH isn't working, tried running "ps aux | grep java".

Linux is completely frozen.

It's working now. To get my desktop to post, I had to turn it off, and unplug the drives and back in, I forgot one drive. Still posted even without rebooting one drive, the external made to be, Seagate drives, don't have a switch or button. My HD dock has a button, and the NAS drive in an enclosure has a switch. That's the drive I forgot to power cycle.

No idea what ns-usbloader did. Maybe nothing.

The Switch is plugged into my hub now, instead of the external drive.

The Switch doesn't crash with a good micro SD card. The other one was crap. I should try and get it replaced, claims life time warranty.

This new card, is the best micro SD card I've had, not just space, it can write faster then 10 MB/s. Not when installing using Goldleaf. But when plugged into my card reader it can.

How slow are my regular SD cards? It could be better then those too.

Olympus should release a cheap micro 4/3 camera with two micro SD slots. Buy two of those cards, and tell the camera to backup the main to the second.