On T-Mobile's home internet waiting list

Only one problem, the router might not support bridge mode. It's possible by the time they invite me, it will, or I'll be able to get just a modem.

I don't care if it's double NAT. I don't open ports, thanks to paranoia.

The speed might decrease, and the latency might increase. The upload speed will still smoke Comcast's 5 Mbps.

In 90 days of T-Mobile internet, I won't switch to Comcast's low income internet. I don't want to give Comcast anything. Not even $10 or whatever it is. Their low income internet might have no data cap.

You know how much money T-Mobile will make once you can signup without an invitation? Lots of money. You just need a T-Mobile signal, and you have no data limit for $50 a month. Oh, and you can actually upload stuff without waiting as long. T-Mobile will be adding a lot of capacity when that happens. Comcast will probably lobby to get a law passed that says wireless carriers can't provide internet, or will have to pay tax or something.

Comcast will find a way to screw everybody. If they can't get a law passed, then they'll just charge T-Mobile a huge amount of money to use their pipes.

So, some of the internet won't be accessible, or will be really slow.