Silicon Power-256GB High Speed MicroSD Card with Adapter is dead

Bought it on June 27, 2018, for $76.15 after tax. The reviews even say it's not reliable, the 256 GB one isn't.

You can't buy the exact card I bought anymore, says it isn't available anymore.

All I did was copy everything off the card, then format it, then was copying my Switch's NAND backup to it. The write speed kept getting slower and slower. And I think before I removed it without waiting for the slow writing to stop, it had I/O errors in dmesg. I did click eject, but just said it was still writing to it. Probably did more damage doing that.

Don't think it was much cheaper then known brands either.

I doubt Silicon Power makes their own NAND.

Maybe it overheated from all that copying. I can't even delete the partitions now. I doubt it's under warranty anymore.

Hopefully the 512 GB one my mom ordered me works better.

I remember seeing errors in dmesg with that card when I first got it. Should of got a replacement, or my money back.

The new card will be tested with f3write and f3read before I copy data to it. To make sure it's not fake. Also, it might die doing that, at least, I can return it if it does. Same brand.

This card probably would of died if I ran f3write on it, when I first got it.