Silicon Power 512GB R/W up to 100/ 80MB/s Superior Pro microSDXC

Mom bought that for me, for my early Christmas present.

It'll take four hours for f3write to finish.

15.92% -- 33.33 MB/s -- 3:48:29

No errors in dmesg yet. The other card had an error in dmesg when I first got it, that could of been a sign that it was going to die. The old card claims it has a lifetime warranty, but requires registering it, didn't do that.

The new card has a five year warranty.

It's faster then the old card. My card reader could suck, and not get faster speeds. It does go down to around 14 MB/s for not very long. But for the most part stays around 30 MB/s.

After f3write, I have to run f3read.

Actually, I think the card reader can do faster speeds, at least for reading.

I have a cheap Anker card reader, it's USB 3.0, wouldn't see read speeds of over 50 MB/s if it wasn't. That was with the old card, haven't done any reading on the new card yet.

8 sectors corrupted, according to f3read.

                  SECTORS      ok/corrupted/changed/overwritten
Validating file 416.h2w ... 2097144/        8/      0/      0
  Data OK: 468.37 GB (982232696 sectors)
Data LOST: 4.00 KB (8 sectors)
               Corrupted: 4.00 KB (8 sectors)
        Slightly changed: 0.00 Byte (0 sectors)
             Overwritten: 0.00 Byte (0 sectors)
Average reading speed: 41.08 MB/s

Is that why it was formatted with 32 MB free before the big partition? I tried formatting it like that, but it kept changing the free space after. I need free space after the first partition for the emuMMC.

If you get some sectors corrupted, repeat the f3write/f3read test. Some drives recover from these failures on a second full write cycle. However, if the corrupted sectors persist, the drive is junk because not only is it a fake drive, but its real memory is already failing.

From here.

And how do I know it's not the card reader? Or the program? Or my desktop?

Damn, I should of tested that file again, instead of the last file. You need to use "cat f3read.txt | more", without more, you miss a bunch of stuff or it's easier to read.

So the micro SD card is junk, because 8 sectors are corrupted? And it's fake? That's only 4kb. Not like I care, about 4kb.

Also, the card doesn't get hot like the old one. The card reader got hot too. So I assume the card did. Not with the new one.

You basically, have to run f3write/f3read again. I'm lazy, so I won't.

It works in the Switch, after clicking "Migrate emuMMC", it fixed the config. Slow boot the first time. Didn't install anything yet. I was finishing my Hugo site.