Switching your DirectAdmin's sever OS is a pain in the ass

Make sure you run setup.sh with screen, or when the firewall decides to block you, you'll be running the script all over again.

No more CentOS. Can you upgrade Debian to a newer version without reinstalling? Probably not.

You have to reinstall CentOS, if you want version 8 and you are running 7. I'd rather use Debian, then reinstall CentOS.

If you ask me how I restored everything from the backup, I have no idea. You mostly need /usr/local/directadmin, setup.sh will think it's already installed. And BuyVM's Debian 10 template doesn't have Curl, so you'll be running setup.sh all over again.

Oh, and BuyVM's VNC is fucked. I don't know if it's the OS, or their VNC. Don't bother trying to use their web console, the window moves itself on the screen.

The other problem is, when logging in there's a bunch of [ and enter on the screen, makes it a mess for typing. And somehow I got logged out once. No copy and paste either. It's easier to use my desktop, and use my script to type for me. Or disable passwords, that would work too.