The new Zelda game is a pain

And after leaving a house, it gets low FPS or something.

Pain because, you can't move rocks, so you have to guess what to do. You can't push it, you can't lift it.

You are stuck in a small area.

You can't jump either. The bow costs over 900.

Don't ask me what you are supposed to do.

Don't bother calling me, no Google Voice WiFi calling setup, and I removed the T-Mobile SIM card. That's what happens when you reject somebody's call for no good reason. Oh, and I blocked all messages on T-Mobile, you can't block numbers apparently. It should just block everything.

She's a liar, claiming to be sick, but isn't at home resting. Trying to find out what's wrong, and she rejects my call. So, there's no point in interacting with her anymore. Enjoy lame holidays without me.