The real problem

If any of you truly wonder why relationships have gotten so hard to find and maintain these days just sit back and read because after a lot, and I mean a lot of searching thru multiple dating and social media sites and conversations with people I think I've figured it out.

America has become the land of the man-hater. Females would have you believe they are the victims when in fact they are the victimizers. It is socially acceptable for a female to vocally and physically assault a man in public whereas when starts to defend himself that's when others will step in on HER behalf. 

Females will claim we live in a rape culture. Of course it may seem that way when men can be charged with crimes simply for saying hi to a female. Plus now that society is getting on that #believewomen nonsense, females are claiming rape because they got rejected. 

The pay gap is a complete myth. The only thing that might support that is the fact that men earn more per year than females. Once you look into why that is, it's completely understandable. 

In a society where females are coddled and overly privileged they have no need of common decency and respect for others. The blatant double standards females have are proof of their lack of respect for the entire male gender. Here's a short list.

Females are praised for rejecting short men and if the men say anything then they have a napoleon complex. Whereas men are villainized for rejecting overweight females. It's easier to lose 50lbs than grow 5in. And with only 15% of American men being 6ft and over and almost 80% of females saying that they want nothing less... When 20 attractive females throw themselves at one guy, don't label men bad because he just bangs and slangs all 20 of you.

You have single moms of multiple kids by multiple guys living on welfare or in their parents basement complaining because they cant find a guy that drives a BMW or Mercedes. Yet your dating profile consists of a couple slutty pics and two words, "spoil me." Yes this is a real person. Even the car thing. This is not an isolated thing either.

Females have 30 to 40x more sexual partners than men do and men are the ones still considered "sex-crazed". Of course guys may seem desperate when the average guy has one sexual partner every 2 to 3 months whereas a female has anywhere between 12 and 25. Maybe if it was that easy for guys to get some they wouldn't seem so desperate.

I wonder how long it would take those social media girls to break down if every guy just stopped giving them attention? "OMG! Nobody is liking my post!😫😫🤯" 

Females clearly have no idea how starved for attention men actually are, they only claim to know. The problem isn't men. It's the female fantasy and the fact that their are men desperate enough to feed into it.

They just posted what the real problem is, men like them.

You can thank the internet, their post will be on it forever.

Their pay gap part makes no sense, making more a year, is making more.

They are probably a rapist, not surprising, they hate women.

Where did I find that? Craigslist, of course. Where else do you find men like that?