Audio is in sync

The trick is finding a audio sync test video that makes sense. I've seen three, two today, I kept forgetting to look for a different one. The one that made sense auto played after the second one. It says beep or bop when there's audio, I assume if you see and hear that at the same time, it's in sync.

I didn't watch the five minutes of the third one. So if it goes out of sync the longer it plays, I won't know.

It's possible the shows on Philo use software to sync lips, which might make it unnatural and impossible to tell if it's in sync. Does South Park on Philo look like it's in sync? I mostly read the subtitles. The OTA TV cartoons I record look in sync. Wouldn't that be more unnatural looking then software lip syncing humans? Maybe they don't use any lip syncing software, so the source is out of sync.