Bob Lazar is a hero

Being raided by the feds, two times, proves his story for me. Then again, I’d probably believe it without that happening.

His tires have been shot out while driving on the freeway.

That’s the only thing Trump didn’t lie about, that the US isn’t any better then Russia. People telling people what they know about Aliens, sometimes results in them “committing suicide”. Anybody with half a brain knows that’s a lie.

What’s funny, is he somehow got out of S4 or whatever, with element 115. That wouldn’t happen at Amazon. S4 or whatever it’s called, is near Area 51. You get to go on a bus with blackened or no windows. After you take a plane to Area 51.

He claims the US has 9 UFOs in possession, that we didn’t make. They can’t even reverse engineer the power source it has. At least one of them flies, so if you see a UFO, it might be the one the US obtained. He doesn’t know how they got them. Apparently they didn’t tell him that.

He wouldn’t talk about element 115.

I’m still wondering how he got element 115 out of a military base the US said didn’t exist for a long time.

And the US is right, it’s easy to hide the secret, as the majority of brainless zombies won’t believe it. They will deny it till they die, and then when dead.

Oh, and if you storm Area 51, the last thing you’ll see is a bomber. According to the military’s Twitter account, they deleted it. But it’s the internet, nothing gets deleted from it. That reminds me, there’s an App that makes it possibly easy to download entire sites. Does it only do it once or can it run on a schedule? Except, the reviews say it’s a pain to configure. Might as well use a free program. Need that for the missed connections on Craigslist, so I can read flagged posts.

Also, Trump isn’t the third antichrist, he doesn’t want global peace. Or maybe he will someday, then you know he’s a liar, and therefore the third antichrist.

I don’t have Hulu so can’t watch the rest of that. And it was kind of boring. And impossible to listen to at her house. Glad I don’t usually watch TV over there. It’s a waste of bandwidth.

If you don’t mind getting blown up, join the Storm Area 51 movement. Is that a quick death?

Also, what’s so secretive on Area 51 that they will blow their own people up for trying to find out? Why aren’t civilians allowed to know?

I didn’t think Hitler was an antichrist though, just an awful human, like the majority of people.

There’s only one way to change the government, movements won’t do shit, some guy on another show said a revolution is the only way to solve anything in the US. He was right. You can elect whoever you want, but it won’t solve anything. The US military would gladly bomb all the civilians if everybody tried raiding Area 51. No more Mc. Donalds for them. Unless, they plan on making it themselves. And building a new Mc. Donalds.