Crop circles

They might be made with sound, at least the ones not made by humans. Watch In Search Of, the UFO’s episode.

They found some kind or radio radiation in the circle they went to investigate. Some Dr. guy.

And in his lab, he proved you can use sound to make formations, by putting sand on a metal plate, and sending sound waves to it. It was 1.21, I assume the sound frequency, or the radio frequency.

Here’s something about crop circles and sound.

The show said, you’d need a huge amount of power to do it.

Looks like that article further proves it. Didn’t read all of it yet.

Philo’s VOD sucks, I didn’t hear everything the doctor had to say, and after the commercial was over, it didn’t show the rest of what he said. Basically cut him off from talking, and I’ll never know what he was saying. I might of if I read the subtitle fast enough. But, I want to hear it too.

I’ll keep Philo anyways, it’s dirt cheap. Compared to Comcast.