Does Hugo support importing WordPress?

If not, there's Publii, which is a static HTML CMS, that has a built in WP importer.

I'm to lazy to make my own import script. And to lazy to finish my Textpattern WP import plugin. I screwed it up by trying to get the files importing to work. And, I haven't looked at the code for a long ass time.

If you want a contact page, like the Complaints page, that won't work with static HTML. You could rig up a script. But once again, I'm lazy.

Nice, there's a plugin that'll do it for you. A WordPress plugin.

I'd rather use Hugo, since I already have it installed.

It's a pain to hack static HTML.

The plugin doesn't work. Gets a server error, I'm not changing anything to make it run. Like increasing the execution time. There's a Python script that uses the XML export file, that I just made.

Looks like the script worked. Ran it on my desktop, too lazy to see if it works in macOS. You need Python 2, I didn't have python2-pip installed, it failed with Python 3 pip. Guess, I should of read it more before skipping to the pip install command.